Devils Lake


Red Lagoon, located in the Chilean city of Kamina, at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level, is considered one of the most mysterious places on earth.

The fact that the water in the lake as red as blood. With this body of water connected mystery of the disappearance of tribes Aymara Indians who once inhabited the region, and the local population finds it damn …

Prior to 2009, the mysterious lake did not know even the travel company. This is due to the fact that local residents tried to get the Red side of the lagoon, and from time immemorial, it is not even loaded onto the card. Waters cursed and approach him mortally dangerous! — Chileans say superstitious.

It is said that once lived on the shores of Lake Aymara Indians drank from its waters. As a result, thousands of natives disappeared to God knows where.

Near Red lagoon there are two ponds, but the water is already green-yellow. It is said that when there are bad people shore, the water in the lakes begins to bubble … And the locals are convinced that all three lakes with the "colored" water belongs to the devil.

In the Bible meets the description of the "ten plagues" that claimed many lives. According to the Bible, God, wanting to punish Pharaoh, because he did not let the Jews out of Egypt commanded Moses struck the water of the Nile. Of water in the river was red as blood, and began publishing the stench. Fish and other animals, vodivshayasya in the Nile died, and the land-based bred locusts, mosquitoes and other insects. This was followed by an epidemic of plague and loss of livestock.

Then the sky went large hail and for three days the whole earth was plunged into total darkness. And the families of Egyptians started dying children … U.S. researchers believe that this is an environmental disaster that occurred in the twelfth century BC, during the reign of Ramses II and his son Merenfataha.

The cause of all disasters, in their opinion, was the microorganism Piesteria Pisicida, in certain periods of their development throws into the environment toxic substance, coloring the water red and poison her. From the point of view of scientists, malicious microbe was unbalanced ecosystem of the Nile.

Aquatic frogs to escape the poison began to get to dry land, where died from drought or the Egyptians were killed. The death of frogs fed on midges, has led to increased populations of mosquitoes and other insects, including the causative agents of African encephalitis in horses and sheep. This caused the plague cattle … So the "plagues" has nothing to do with it!

Red Lagoon — not only in the world "cursed" the pond. Thus, in the mountains of the Cordillera Azur is Gaipov cold lake, near which is often observed mysterious objects of various shapes — in the form of balls, ovals, rectangles, rings. They are the eyes of local residents that are included in the water column, then hang above the surface of the lake, and then disappear into the sky …

Living on the banks of the Gaipov Quechua Indians do not tend to associate such phenomena with the visit of extraterrestrial aliens. No, they're sure it's witches and wizards take the shape of a UFO, going on the hunt for the people! They say that once an Indian near the lake struck ray luminous object. Injun could not budge until the UFO did not melt in the air.

On another occasion an old woman collecting firewood, saw the lake of fire disc and suddenly felt the heat coming from him. But the worst thing — this is not the appearance of a UFO. It is rumored that several people killed by lightning on the lake! And, of course, the natives explain this wizardry! "Bewitched" and said John D. Long Lake (North Carolina).

In October 1994 a young woman named Susan Smith was accused that she killed her two young sons. Susan left Michael and Alex in the back seat of the car, hooking their belts, and she went on her way. The car fell into the water of the lake, and the two boys were drowned. Susan was sentenced to life in prison, although the court she was trying to prove that the car was on the brake, and could slide down except as a result of someone's ill …

The locals were so shocked by the tragedy that set up on the dock monument to the dead children. But two years later, the nightmare was repeated. The car in which there were seven people — three adults and four children — all of a sudden he is a jumped up, rolled between the monuments to Michael and Alex Smith and fell into the lake …

All the passengers were drowned, and the man who stood on the shore, Hopped into the water to save them, too choked to death. Well then do not believe in the machinations of the devil?

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