Diary of a Writer: The Book in the head

Sometimes found among the old stone buildings, where I like to be like a man with a book in mind — ready or that has in the process. I myself am.

I'm more impressed by those who want to to say that-what about castles, forts, kings of Grodno. One author wrote about his native Siberia, but in Grodno read about Siberia is not desirable, it is in these out of favor.

To write or not to write?

Stupid question. Although some well-known advised: if you can not write — do not write. And if you can not? The American writer Paul Theroux tells case. A wealthy businessman who toyed with rhymes, naively asked him: pismennitstva — or a good way to earn a living? No, of course, but it's a neat life, — said the writer.
Good, because usually you do what you like. Until it comes to the publication of the book: where to get the money? Capital One writer lamented the publisher will publish the book, and the fee is not allowed. I said nothing. Free man published a book, and so gloomy. And if you have to pay out of pocket to happen? With indignation refused to write?
Sad man turns to you on the street with a heart-rending question: how to print a book that is good and not too expensive? First passed in the State Printing House, it is hopelessly scattered, said. The second would — if only ten of them, but to birthday grandson. In the private firm made it so that a free would not have taken, and had to pay. With this book in my head, and I caught him with a question in his eyes.
Once met another friend with the news: only from the large official, gives money for the book! How on earth do you want? Millions of five or six? Not a problem, arrows and runners on equipment was given three and a half billion. Familiar wonders for bows, arrows, to running shoes, as it books could to print …

Poetry under the roof

The purpose of my acquaintance Grodno — Union of Writers, "fair" union. But there, in the capital, said lack of publications, books, no! The man is surprised, when only created the union — even the one Stalin — no problems there — printed a story in the magazine — please! So, I agree, but it could take, and could be shot in the mood … Ha-ha-ha! — They laughed, but not for long.
On the next street sign tower with a steel pen: Here branch of "fair" union. They head does not hurt, they are on a budget, or a lease, to think of anything not necessary. Two rooms have a right, and the two writers' unions, but they — the organization of a meeting place, and "dishonest" — homeless, without a roof over their heads. Thus, some authors, such as urban guerrillas.
Caption be quite good. Complain somehow Scandinavian authors, their bosses and their podruchki poets writers. Scandinavians have writers feel support, they are not divided into two classes in their literary agents, they are free to go and surazmovnichayuts with foreign colleagues and publishers.
Mentally put yourself in the place of Swedes or Finns I can not patsikavlyusya better, as a friend has managed to get an appointment with the clerk, who in a drawer money on books? Who would have thought! He was advised to make a personal matter. Is it personal? And what is it? It's all for personal, only other problem: the roof leaks, the gas is not carried out in the well water is bad. And then all of a sudden a man with a book! In short: the right time in the right place. So book be local content, said the authorities …
We have another example to print "a novel about love," the man took out a bank loan. His wife was obviously not happy. But me, I say, love local fiction not affected. However, the authors often tend to zbytkovnay language or to a surprising said the eye becomes more interesting, "neck dress hands clasp a new consolidated", "boy fell into a hole two meters high," "decrepit fence without a gate stood raznastsezhany" on his his head was a "narrow sports cap."
I understand, I understand, are sometimes difficult to control thoughts when they are many, the words scatter like sheep or chickens, should drive them, limit, put them into a book hidden under the cover. And it is not easy as it seems, it is enough to listen to endless reports. TV sometimes says one thing and thinking another, making the third. Read, read, "Tuteyshyh" — very much in the spirit. With books and stories happen: on the cover of one city, printed in the second, and smuggled through the border to confuse the tracks in the third. Matthew're ours, alyssum … In the "honest" union today it is unlikely to be taken, although the book had.

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