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Vitaly Tsigankov

What you need, to plant weave, bring hay, cut wood, fix the faucet, find a bucket of cement? Money does not help, saves the bottle vodka. Vodka passed, pramarshavala through the twentieth century, not just as alcoholic beverages, and as a general equivalent of money in a country where the exchange of commodities reigned long before the word "barter".

Who would dare to argue that vodka — No word century? Whatever was going on, no matter what happens, and we are "on a liqueur glass, but on a tiny …".

Vodka joined the whiteRussian language well as in the glass. Say "wine" or "champagne", not to mention the different there whiskey, rums and liqueurs — you can feel something alien, cold. Another thing — vodka! One sound of the word makes someone smile nervously stsepanutstsa anyone who cry.

The people have always regarded Vodka Seriously, even with excessive respect as a sign of health. Lata table has to be a thorn bottle. Or a whole goose. "If you drink, do not scoff." "By putting a plate, get drunk Vodka. " "Vodka NOT girl, do not kiss. "Well, the modern version:" That there was a glass of vodka and bacon. "And yet, what else to dream in a country where a kilo of meat is like four bottles Vodka? No wonder they say — "from Vodka small minds. "But burn it with fire …

"From Monday to Monday is a small rain, gathered the poorest Basotho yes vodka drinks. "


Sergei Hareuski

Recently, the word is more intrusive dazzles in Belarusian newspapers, sounds of radio and television. Journalists who are fixated on the Russian events, it is automatically added to the Belarusian political lexicon.

"Gu-rem-on-tar" — loud, arrogant echo has informed us that the word unchanged from ancient Rome. Has not changed and its contents — The Lord, Prince, Head, appointed to manage a piece of territory.

During the time of the Russian Empire, Belarus was divided into guberni. Vitebsk province razlyagalasya if not to Estonia and Braslaw was part of the province of Kovno. At the head of the provinces were sent from Russian officials — Governors, Treat your position as a stepping stone to further his career. For example, the governor of Grodno Stalypin vyartanni at home became Minister of the Interior.

Governors appointed by the king. They are subject only to the Senate and the prosecutor's office in the distant Petersburg. Dozens of governors changed us to one another. Among them were different people — some were shot, others sadili parks, but they are all united by the fact that they were strangers in Belarus.

After 1917, the governor was not at all. I forgot about them. For example, the names of the last governor of Vilna, some Vyarovkina or Vitebsk, some Galakhova already say nothing to nobody. Belarus is the only province without a governor of Minsk was formed in Soviet Russia in 1919, until it was annexed in 1926 to the Belarusian SSR. A lot of Russian — no i provinces with gubernatarami.

Accordingly, the name of the current governor of the word now vertikalschikov — the heads of Belarusian regions, which sometimes make our journalists — a mistake. This is the same as the name of their governors, along the lines of our second neighbor — Poland. The governor — a post in Belarus. The authorities in the region is Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee. Longer, but surely i in Belarusian …


Elena Tikhanovich

Jeans — Blue-Blue Revolution 1970. Fashion idol, who sacrificed the ideals of the Komsomol, student scholarships, village pigs. Clothes that, stsyagvayuchy loins, physically enslaved, but morally raznyavolvae: "I'm not a Soviet, I'm different. On my assessment of the West, more self-confidence." Blue Dream — jeans.

First jeans has always been a lightning strike — at a dance in a bar, at a lecture on the exams, and even at a party meeting. On jeans looking back, envied, to collect money.

Jeans — Not only the clothes that Belarusians, representatives of the nation's noble by nature, was not considered an insult to carry someone else's — well, maybe not the shoulder, and you know what. Because the more well-worn, a fortiori fashion. Who else getting any new clothes, to be fashioned to rub it with a pumice stone or brick, or boil in hlertsy. As pioneers sang, "jeans" Montana "is not torn, and just rub, rub, rub."

Dictionary Uebstera finds that this unique fabric actually was not born in America, and the Italian Zhenave or Genoa. Now this is not significant, as jeans began its everywhere. Shasta — foot Shasta — the second, jig — lock, and you stuck jeans.

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