Dmitry Savrasov


Dmitry Savrasov
26 years. Suffers from a number of chronic diseases, including rheumatism, dangerous allergic reactions through that his life is now under threat.

Born in Minsk on August 25, 1984. He graduated from the Minsk College of Medicine number 2, two years medbratam worked in infectious disease hospitals.

He studied at the Institute of Modern Knowledge at the Faculty of Arts, studied performing skills.

Not interested in politics, a member of the political parties and movement never.

During the dispersal of a peaceful rally on December 19, he was detained and beaten, split the head. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail. After his release from prison in Akrestsin was arrested again on 12 January 2011, only for the fact that he refused to go on without questioning the official agenda.

Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

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