DNA test carried skulls ancient aliens

July 31, 2012 11:29

Several elongated skulls of "ancient aliens" who last year was found in Peru, are carbon testing and DNA testing.

Brian Forster (Brien Foerster) from channel Discovery «Ancient Aliens" has been working in Peru with local residents. There, in 2011, were found and exhumed several skeletons with elongated skulls.

Now trying to confirm their age and origin of the carbon by testing and DNA test.

In some tribes in ancient times always squeezed his head, thus producing by artificial cranial deformation, but the researcher believes that in this case, such a change in the skull is not the cause of its strange shape. Perhaps these graves left aliens on Earth.

DNA testing proves extraterrestrial creatures with elongated heads, but to confirm or exclude that the skull belongs to a man from Peru.

Are skull found in Peru remains of representatives of a local tribe? Maybe so, were buried ancient aliens, movie sets while only questions the answers to which will provide DNA testing.

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