Do me a favor though before he died, do not touch my Zaporozhets …


It is usually assumed that pensioners — the most reliable and stable power base in the Belarusian society that they are, starting with 94-year, with delight continue to vote for Lukashenko and his nominees in all elections and referendums.

Is this true? What mood prevails in today's political environment retirees? Whether they are satisfied with the way authorities respond to their needs?

Distinguishing letter on this. theme, which will begin today with a conversation we got last week from Mikhail Ivanov from Mogilev. Sir Michael — the man is not politicized, power struggles it a little concerned. And most concerned about ordinary pensioner what the government actually deprives him of the enjoyment of the greatest value, he has earned over decades of work in a country where socialism has triumphed. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes:

"I'm 74 years. Have own car — ZAZ, aka" Zaporozhets ". Bought it in 1980. Very costly to me in this car. 15 years of standing in line. Same amount of time collecting money (5,100 rubles at the salary of 80 — 150 rubles). Permit issued as foremost production — according to the characteristics of the plant, permits and approval of the trade union executive committee. graduated from the course. During the past years there were no comments from the traffic police had.

But now my ZAZ became too expensive for me. The medical board, insurance, MOT — a year accumulates twelve hundred very much my car is not worth it. Especially since I'm in the city almost do not go, I leave for the year out of the garage again 15-20. And where I leave? At the funeral, friends and acquaintances so on products. So why do I have equated to those who have a modern European cars? It is unfair, it is insulting.

How to pass inspection? Everyone knows that the cars in those years in the Soviet Union did, "anyhow." My ZAZ eats up to 14 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Workshop for repairs do not take it as any self repair is more expensive cars in several razov.Tamu and Leave me out of the garage is very rare, and it is partisan, on the sly. Why do mockery honored retirees and their "Zaporozhets"?

As long as I'm alive, this car will be with me. My ZAZ — part of my life, and I'm glad to see him. Pension us far from the day to day needs, not even enough for a good diet and medication. And yet, and the funeral should be postponed.

And what are we to do, man? I do not mind to give the authorities a ZAZ, but then let it provide me with transport. Or let the return of the horse, which took away the farm. When picked up, they promised that we will live on communism that just give enough. As well, given — away from the working and peasant last. And Plyats in the tail of the backward countries. What is interesting — themselves chiefs to "Zaporozhets" ride for some reason do not want to — did not see any of this.

Excuse power: Stop and scrape oppress us, respected builders of communism, and today — the poor pensioners of the number of disadvantaged workers and peasants. Do us a favor though before he died. "

Signature: Mikhail Ivanov, a mechanic, a settlement of Kamchatka. Mogilev.

A copy of this letter, Mr. Michal sent the interior minister.

I do not know that answer the old power mechanics. Formally, the Minister may refer to the law under which the owners of modern "Mercedes" worth 100,000 dollars and 30-year-old "Zaporozhets" cost $ 50 and must pay the same for inspection, and for the insurance, and for everything else …

But in reality, it is the government has a moral responsibility to Mr. Michal and hundreds of thousands of his peers, which is the same as he did, given decades of hard and low-paid work to ensure that before retirement through humiliation and insults from the communist authorities get great favor — permission to acquisition for big money miracle of Soviet automobile — car "Zaporozhets", similar to the hybrid wheel mototelezhki and military motorcycles.

This "Zaporozhets" for Michael, of course, much more than a bunch of old pieces of iron, which he manages to get around. This is — a symbol of his past life, perfect and dreams realized, tested and disappointments.

Obviously, this "Zaporozhets" even in new condition never met any environmental standards and pass inspection by an objective approach, he can not, by definition. It is also clear that Mr. Michael had no money to buy himself more or less decent ten-car West production. In the early '90s he and others like him, seized last savings passbooks, and now hypocritically pretend that the money allegedly disappeared: eaten up by inflation. Anywhere they have not disappeared: firmly embedded in a cottage in blackbirds and other picturesque locations on the outskirts of cities, luxury cars, ridden by senior officials. Here refuse to Mr. Minister from one of his monthly salary but Mikhail Ivanov bought some Chinese runabout — as compensation for all the insults, rekvizytsyi, underpaid wages and pension contributions impaired — so to speak, for the triumph of social justice, about which so much does the present power … But this will not ever.

On the topic of the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus wrote to us Nicholas Lavitskaya from Minsk. With the focus on trying to agree on the opposition common candidate, the listener says:

"In my opinion, this fuss just for the benefit of the present regime. Like, argue, swear, perasazhvaytsesya from place to place — this mode is not even moved.

In the current situation, which is no different from the last presidential election, you need to candidates from the democratic bloc was as much as possible. This mode will take more trouble and strife, and ordinary citizens to give more information. But to go on such an election in which Lukashenko will run until the end — it means to be a traitor to democracy. Charlatans who hopes to win in such a situation. As counting the votes in this election — is well known.

My observations show that most people do not believe in a fair vote count. A good third at once declares that the election to which the OH will not go to vote. But there is another part of society. It is usually little old grandmother, violent elderly, the disabled, some of the tame or hypnotized state propaganda youth. They will go to the polls. Think: "How could I not go, he does offer a pension, tries to drive everywhere, controls, punishes lihaimtsav …".

I do not agree with yours, Mr. Nicholas, the assertion that the current pre-election situation in Belarus "is no different from the last presidential election." Different, and substantially. Moscow does not want to fund the Lukashenko regime with cheap oil and gas. Another "gas" war and determination to save Russia for Belarus high customs duties on oil conclusively show this. The significant increase of pensions and salaries, which was held in Belarus in the middle of the last decade, largely ensured by these several billion dollars obtained through Russia. Now Russian billion is clearly not, and therefore will not be the promised 500-dollar average salary. All this can have a significant impact on the course of the election campaign.

Our listener Irina Malko from Mozyr draws attention to the recent massacre by the authorities of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" and the pursuit of other social activists. In his letter, Irina says:

"Attach a voice for Yevgeny Yakovenko from Gomel and all the participants of the" Tell the Truth "affected the good fight. Also want to express my support for Vyachorka Francis, who was to be our (and my) deputies, but an inhuman system is not allowed to do it. Hard to belie
ve that all this happens at the beginning of the third millennium. shameless lies, lies, lawlessness, as thistle, invaded our country, which we in the early 90's only just started to clean the dirt from the Bolshevik. impression that Lukashenko was going to revive the old Communist Party. All of the former nomenklatura — in leadership positions. A people deprived of any civil rights and scoff at them as they wish. But for that they will sooner or later have to face the music "

Reviving the old Communist Party Alexander Lukashenko unlikely to be solved: the completed construction of communism in the Soviet Union, he remembers. But to create a full-fledged pro-government party, which would be without any communist ideas helped to indefinitely retain sole power in Belarus, you're done. Founded and led by the nomenklatura officials NGO "Belaya Rus" could turn into a political party at any time — as is the will of the owner.

In the past few weeks we have reported on a lot of Audiobooks Vasil Bykov "Long Way Home", published in the series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century ". Presentations passed it in different cities of Belarus. At many of our listeners — his reading of Bykov's own attitude to the legacy of the great writer. Then — a few letters on the subject.

Here is what we Eugene Charnavets from village wells Chervensky area:

"Thank you for the opportunity to hear the true voice of the living and Vasil Bykov. You have done a great and necessary work for those who live and will live. "

The author of this letter Stanislav Kovalev from Minsk writes:

"From time to time, with the excitement of re-reading the great works of Vasil Bykov — especially the novel" The dead do not hurt, "and the book" The Long Way Home. "In due time, in the late 60s, I was fortunate enough to hear the speech several times in the library Vasily Vladimirovich" Youth "(in place of the current book stores" Akademkniga ".) to the wise thoughts of the writer wants to come back periodically. Because with such joy knew there was a chance to get released" Freedom "CD with the voice of the great writer."

The last letter in today's review on the subject — from Henry Danilovicha of Vileika. The listener writes:

"I hear your voices from my school days. Now I'm almost 53. Assists in most satisfied. Big fan of" Freedom "and my brother Sigmund, who lives in Maladzechna.

Vasil Bykov (light his memory) for us — as a native person. One was in Minsk, specially visited the Eastern Cemetery — his eternal resting place "

And you, Sir Henry, and many other members of the "Freedom" — the authors of interesting letters and participants of our surveys and contests — will soon get a disc with audio Vasil Bykov's "Long Way Home" — as a gift from our radio.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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