Do not talk to strangers, or how to avoid becoming a victim of hypnosis

February 28, 2013 8:34

Do not talk to strangers, or how to avoid becoming a victim of hypnosis

Meeting with three strangers at Patriarch's Ponds turned hero for Bulgakov's death under the wheels of a tram. Today there is a monument set fateful meeting — a road sign with the image of silhouettes of Woland, Kota Behemoth Azazello and the inscription: "To talk to strangers is prohibited." Such signs would not hurt to put in Pervouralsk. At the beginning of February in several people have been victims of Roma, who for the money promised to remove their spell.

 Gold or life

In working noon Feb. 5 at the police station, one by one received calls with a message about trying to steal tangible assets. The surprise was that the victims "gift", or were willing to give money to criminals and jewelry.
— In the street two gypsy came to the woman with the stroller and started a conversation with the excuse that her deterioration and damage on the child too, — says the head of the Criminal Investigation Pervouralsk OMVD Andrew Mergin. — There was talk that they can break the curse for the money. The woman said that Cash is not, then asked her gypsy gold. Gold woman gave, time stopped and called the police. Gypsy left. In the same area, they came up to the other girl with a child. Talked to her on the same circuit. Girl was removed from products entrusted to them. But also time to think again, took their jewelry. But Roma went on. Met a girl who was alone. Brought it into the yard, where she took off her gold ornaments and gave them.

Why is the third girl handed gipsies all their gold jewelry? Tatiana, who asked not to call her name, I'm sure acted unconsciously, Roma took her jewels against her will. And what man in his right mind, would give a lot of money on the pretext of removing corruption.

— I met a woman who asked me where the nearest clinics and children's clinics. I started to explain to her, on what you can get, like walking. She stopped me and told me that it is my damage. She can take it off and do not take for it.

At the same time, Tatiana clearly remembers that she was looking straight into his eyes.

— I took off the decorations in this state, as if hypnotized. On the one hand know what you do. On the other — no. I remember the whole conversation — says the girl.

Events moved rapidly. Once the police have evidence of the three victims, quickly transgressed into action. In the yard, where there was one of the cases, the camera was installed, which fixed as gypsy fraudulent conduct after getting into a car. The police suggested that criminals — visitors and, as soon as they get enough profit, will try as soon as possible to leave the city. Away from Pervouralsk put clothes policemen. After some time, the right machine with gypsies was stopped. Gold with them was found. Apparently, the woman had already sell or stolen, according to Tatiana, Gypsy simply thrown in detention with stolen bag. Victim had a long night at the police station for identification.

Big money and little conscience

Imagine you save up money all my life for my grandchildren, children or want to spend a well-earned a good living space, have a cozy apartment. Suddenly being accomplished something absolutely incredible — to make all the accumulation of the house voluntarily giving all strangers. It happened on the fourth day at the victim. It is not known what was going to spend the savings of an elderly woman, but the amount to more than four hundred thousand completely lost.

The case of the grandmother is considered a consequence of both detached from the previous street. The fact is that the identification of three girls easily identified Roma. One of the criminals confessed to the crime. The second not guilty. A criminal case on "Theft of property by deception." But here's the grandmother, the worst affected in the day, Roma could not identify. The old woman says she does not really remember the robbers. And the robbers call them uncomfortable. Did not rush into the house, not threatened with a weapon. Simply said, persuaded, started talking.

The Criminal Code articles mention the crimes with the help of hypnosis not. Skillfully use these criminals.

The victims themselves have given their property. What claims? Now prove chyulibo guilty in the case of my grandmother will be incredibly difficult.
The police recall how in 2009 our city travel also visited two gypsy. In one day, they tricked five. Escape from Pervouralsk easily failed. Time police made arrests. Looted gold was seized. One of the Roma condemned and now serving his sentence.

Loot February 5 to be realized that the police had lost the main clues. From this we can conclude that experience teaches offenders. The important factor is that the criminals in the car accompanied by two men. Their involvement does not proved. While relying on common sense, the men were all complicit in crimes.

What was it? Cheating is very thin psychology or Hypnosis? In ATC sure — it's just a hoax. Tatiana, experienced by hackers on himself believes that she was subjected to hypnotic.

I am well

Psychologist Marina Bykov says that for her practice she came face to face with people who were tested hypnosis:
— Here is suppressed will. After all, what is hypnosis? Enhanced methodology. That is the person immerses you in a certain state. You're disconnected from the surrounding, you hear only the voice of the person. Why come to a woman with a stroller? They understand that it is a new mother — is worrisome. And they are beginning to put pressure on it, saying that the child dies, the disease prevail. Run on fear, on such basic things that all of us are frightening. They care deeply, past the money people give them. This is one of the lowest layers to me.
Today at the bookstore you can find a large literature on how to subdue the consciousness of others. And she knows how to use Marina Bykov this kind of psychology, but using it is very rare, as prolonged exposure can hurt. Roma people transmit the secret of hypnosis from generation to generation. We have already developed a cautious attitude to all people with gold teeth, wearing shawls, long skirts, promising to tell fortunes, reduce spoilage, bewitch anyone.

A lot of people believe in hypnosis. Roma know this and use to their advantage. Most susceptible to hypnosis young women, children, seniors and alcoholics.

— Roma victims are calculated — continues Marina L.. — If you're dreaming, you go sad or downloaded, so you kakayato problem. When you see how close you are to a man, in any case can not be contacted in the eye. They begin treatment catchy words "daughter", "good", "honey." If you take the sleeve, to pull out his hand, move on, look forward. If you stop, you are immediately surrounded, nachtut miss ironed influence. Do not assume that you are stronger, you should not respond at all. Let them shout after that curse you. This is also a manipulation, they try to develop the fear to stop. One method — interrupt hypnotist. If gypsy begins miss you, say something, you can respond to it at an elevated tone, "What did you say? Repeat, "" Leave me alone! I have no time, "" I'm fine! ". When you see a gypsy on the street, it is necessary either to smile or be aggressive and confident.

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