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Castle, more recently, an abandoned ruin, gets a decent look. Fully restored corner tower and part of the wall.


And all this thanks to the volunteer. The majority of architecture students. Such as National Technical University Faculty of Architecture graduate student Dmitry Saveliev. Which I was distracted for a moment from work.


— Primarily restored corner tower of the castle. One of the four towers. Also rebuilt the wall between the portal and the corner tower. Also made a lot of other work on the castle grounds. Who comes to the castle, knowing what it was ten years ago, he simply did not know. The grounds landscaped. You can explore the landscape of the Neman, Nalibokskaya Forest. You can see this beautiful park of the late 19th century. It's a different perception Lyubchanskaya castle.

In Lyubcha was waiting for me a great success. I met with Elena Novik, nee Gritskevich. The former pupil of the famous Novogrudskaya seminary. Despite the large difference in age — Mrs. Elena for 80 — we found common acquaintances. And some of the names of her friends — just from textbooks in the modern history of Belarus. How are young eyes light up when the old recalls his youth and students! Which were in the war.


— Our Orsa, Skrabets, they need to bow. Because it is not it was necessary to scholarships to pay for two years. Boris and I taught physics. After the tour taught chemistry. We were told that he was dead. And I'm going to the bazaar Navahrudak. And he looks fit, gives her hand. "So what? And you think you have killed me? No. I'm still alive. " But still clobber. Planted some. Slanevskaya was more powerful mathematician.

Do you remember all the teachers!

— I remember. Teachers, they looked, they felt sorry for us. Guarded. I remember the teachers. After was very Belarusian such Anishchik. His nickname hellebore. I read it, very interesting. Keith taught him. China did you hear that? I'm with Keith's sister studied for eight years. Borys Kit! We are with the mother of his friends. His sister-il has died, the second year has gone. And what do you think? I never said it does not — "Where is your brother, Boris?." So we were afraid.

What gave you the training to the Novogrudskaya seminary?

— Patriotism. Were all over Belarus. You have no idea were so … We looked at the Germans. Do you know what Ragulya say? "As a not a friend, not as another brother." And it said. And so it was told, and then Rogule be shot. So it was patriotism. This director was Peter Skrabets Onufrievich. They were Belarusians. If Poland were struggling. They sat in prison for Poland. And the Soviets again planted. I do not understand this life, how to loop through the brain does not understand.

Did you know that Boris Kit alive?

— Know. I also have a book. I have been given. "Space Belarusian", "citizen of the world." I read everything about him. I'm proud of. You see — all of us.

What would you passed Barys Kit?

— May God give him health. I am very pleased that he has glorified us.

Belarusian Union of Youth — what was this business?

— Just wrote a statement. No one there is nothing. Here, everyone was saving his head. Well, the songs they sang. We're not shouting "Goyle Hitler". "Long live Belarus!" And his hand raised. And after we have given shape. But then the clothes badly. Dresses canvas. As for us in the 39th all vanished. Nowhere is nothing. Though cry. "

Here is what is the role of schools and teachers in the education of national consciousness. The fruit, which does not corrode after any Soviet law. It is a pity, that todayshnyaya youth to belarushchyny comes not because of, but in spite of the school. As my regular companion, Andrew Radkov, a student of the history department of BSU.


— Just heart aches for all of it. For locks, and not only for the locks. For empty fields, abandoned for the home. You can not have it all stood there and rot. Each nation must feel a connection with their roots. This is all very important. For future generations. I am here because I am sure that my contribution will be important for our common cause.

Lyubchanskaya Castle, the residence of one of the Radziwill, in the interwar period, the Germans possessed Peykery. On the last owner of the estate told me the root Lubchenco Valentine Buffalo, a former biology teacher.


— It was Peykeryhi estate. And it was a forest. And she lived in a castle. My dad and mom doing there. Dad would like to talk about it for what it was panyusya. For example, she goes and zhnei reap. Reap and run her hand to kiss. A mom and her friend do not go. She will say, "What are those two nyavezhdy stand there? '.

— It was such a proud?

— All the same ground it was here! Not very nice behavior. Then, she did not pay taxes, and Poles canceled.

— It deprived the estate?

— Her deprived estates. She moved to Vilnius. And died.

Valentine lives on the street, where before the war, Jews have lived for centuries.


Once upon a former teacher could speak Yiddish. But the language is forgotten, as long ago not to speak with anyone.

— For example, I went to the ghetto. My mother milked the cow. Give bread and milk. I went to the ghetto and sat with them. Taught me how to knit. They were craftsmen people. My mother told them, "What are you sitting? Go straight through the ice into the woods. " — "God gave us this, and we will take it." They are not the Germans shot. Their Lithuanians shot. For our cemeteries Gypsies some shooting and shooting.

Lyubchanskaya castle is definitely lucky. If you compare it with the castle in the palace or Halshany in Pałanečka. Lucky primarily indifferent man Ivan Pechinsky. Indigenous lyubchantsam, a former officer of Colonel, who after the transfer to the reserve to find the meaning of life in the restoration of the fortress. Set up a fund, seized his idea of the local authorities. And it's falling apart.


— Here be restored as the two towers. Invert the wall that was between the towers. Make a guest house here that was. And then make the palace. And the use of the space under museum piece. We would like to see all which can be, was renovated.

"Do not the two to start." Pechinsky — the living embodiment of that karatkevitskay sayings. And I have no doubt that in a few years we will see here and the museum,
and a guest house. After all, the best place on the Neman to meet like-minded company, it is difficult to find.

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