Do you want to buy dollars? Show me a certificate stating that a relative had died abroad

The Management Board of JSC "Belarusbank" approved procedures for the sale of foreign currency to Belarusian citizens for socially important needs, said the agency "Interfax-West" bank spokeswoman Larisa Grin'ko.

"The list of purposes for which the currency will be sold as part of this solution consists of four items: the death of close relatives abroad, support people with disabilities, treatment, education," — said L.Grynko. She noted that it is not excluded and consideration of the possible sale of foreign currency and other social objectives. "It'll be a human being," — said the spokesman.

According to her, provided the following order: the applicant applies for foreign currency on the social goals of the nearest branch of BBK, attaching to the application documents confirming the need and specifying the required amount of foreign currency. A statement was sent to the central office of the bank, where it considers the collective body — the Financial Committee. If approved, the Committee shall inform the office, there shall notify the applicant and he gets the opportunity to buy foreign currency in the same department out of turn. In this case, the applicant, in any case, be informed about the decision of the committee, said L. Grin'ko.

Moreover, "In urgent cases, such as in the case of death of a close relative who lived abroad, the decision to sell foreign currency out of turn may be taken on-site manager of the branch, "- she added.

As reported, in late April, the National Bank Belarusbank instructed to sell foreign currency cash to individuals for social purposes in terms of its acute shortage in the domestic market. For these purposes, the currency will be sold in the exchange rates at the current exchange rate, which on May 14 is 4 thousands of rubles the dollar.

To assemble the currency for social purposes, the National Bank Belarusbank not allowed to sell on the spot currency purchased from the individuals in the 29 exchange offices of the bank, located at the border crossings.

Since May 11, the National Bank declared the removal of restrictions on kursavtvarenne on the cash market, but at his request, all Belarusian banks do not exceed the selling rate of 4 thousand dollar. Monitoring Minsk exchangers shows that despite the actual devaluation of the Belarusian ruble by 30%, remains speculative demand for foreign currency from individuals, which manifests itself in the form of bursts of self-generated "number plates" and the limit of purchase.

National Bank from March 22, refused to sell foreign currency to banks to support exchangers and does not intend to renew the intervention after the declared liberalization kursavtvarennya.

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