Do you want to have beautiful breasts? This is real

Ideal breast truly works wonders, making a woman attractive, bright, delicious. Unfortunately, not always the female breast is the pride of its owner. But all fixable!

To decorate the chest was really a woman, she must not only be beautiful and harmonious and proportional. A reference of the symbol of female attractiveness is not. Every woman is unique, so is worthy of the best!

An effective way to give women the opportunity to have a beautiful shape of the breast — aesthetic surgery. This may change not only the shape but also the size, the volume of the bust, adjusted the shape and size of the areola and nipple.

Plastic surgery can be lifesaving!

Plastic surgery or Breast Implants — one of the most popular operations in the field of plastic surgery. The operation is performed as to reduce and to increase breast size, elimination of asymmetries unsightly folds of skin, breast ptosis and other strains, including those observed after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Plastic surgery is a truly life-saving for women, who underwent surgery on the breast. Especially for those who have gone through a mastectomy (removal of the breast). After mastectomy psychologically very poorly tolerated by women, and aesthetic breast surgery can restore confidence in their own feminine appeal.

The lack of harmonious natural data or acquired in the course of life issues with breast cancer in the majority of cases affect women proud of their breasts, lead to psychological complexes and stress. But everything can change for the better with the help of modern methods of plastic surgery!

Are you afraid of the surgery?

If before the phrase "go under the knife," characterized the work of any surgeon, now open surgery — is the stone age!

Plastic surgery is performed through tiny punctures and minirazrezy hidden in the natural folds of the skin. Depending on the amount of interference can be used as a local anesthetic, and sparing total intravenous anesthesia.

But most importantly — after the surgery can go home and not stay a long time in hospital. It does not lose the ability to work, and the rehabilitation period lasts for several days (depending on the volume of transactions).

Prior to the intervention, each patient undergoes complex diagnostic tests for the detection of possible limitations and contraindications. After receiving the test results, the doctor is fully aware of the risks and how to best protect the health of the patient.

Every woman needs to understand that during the operation of the breast tissue is not damaged, and therefore a woman can breastfeed a child with breast milk. In addition, the following operations can easily be screened chest.

Beautiful breasts of ON CLINIC

Department of Plastic Surgery ON CLINIC has at its disposal the most powerful diagnostic facilities, highly qualified team of plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists.

And also — modern operating rooms, equipped with high-tech equipment and a comfortable hospital where patients are observed after surgery.

Breast Augmentation carried out with the use of certified leading manufacturers of implants. They have a lifetime warranty. Selection of the implant is done individually (depending on the preference of women).

Breast Lift aimed at correcting the height of the chest, shape, size, with the aim of giving it an aesthetically attractive appearance. The effect is achieved by excision of excess skin, moving sosochno-areola complex to the desired height. In some cases the implants.

After the operation, no visible scars, breast tissue is fully retains its function.

Shrinkage Breast aims to eliminate fat, stretched skin, could partially removed breast tissue is moved to the desired height of the nipple and areola.

Correction of the areola and nipplecarried out using microsurgical techniques for not violate their sensitivity, as well as maintain the integrity of the ducts of the breast. After the operation, leaving no visible residue!

In any case, a plastic surgeon ON CLINIC works as a sculptor, restoring symmetry, creating a harmonious shape and size of the breast.

After surgery, a unique rehabilitation program ON CLINIC allows to recover in the shortest possible time.

Plastic surgeons ON CLINIC do everything possible to ensure that women can take pride in their appearance!


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