Doctors: people-vampires really can not live without blood

February 13, 2013 12:21

Recently, a group of doctors from Turkey issued a report, from which the blood-curdling: it describes the history of the disease, "human vampire" with multiple personality and irresistible craving for blood.

Doctors: people-vampires really can not live without blood

It started with that 23-year-old married man started making cuts blades on their own arms, chest and stomach, express blood in a cup and drink. Later drink blood became for him almost as a necessity, like breathing air. And then he began to look for other sources.

Man, name and even residence was not disclosed, was arrested several times for having inflicted stab wounds and bite other people to profit from their blood. He even tried to persuade his father to get him to drink from this terrible bank stocks banked blood.
Doctors claim that up to two years' time vampire "this man had to endure the terrible events which, apparently, and left a mark on his psyche. First death of his four-month daughter, then he witnessed the murder of his uncle, and finally, in his eyes, there was another tragedy — "one of his friends cut off his head and penis of the victim," — said one of the researchers.

Others do not notice the time, this man was talking to himself. He insisted that his constantly tormented by a "imaginary companion" making do terrible things, and suicide attempts. It happened blackouts — sometimes he wakes up in unfamiliar places, having no idea how he got there.

"Maybe reincarnating into another person, he" dropped "at the time" blood meal ", which allowed him not to think about the victims and that happens to him. He came to life when it was all over. "

A team of specialists led by Dr. Direnka Sakarya from the military hospital, located in southwest Turkey, in the end, put their patients a range of diagnoses: dissociative identity violation, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression, and alcohol abuse. Doctors say that this is the first patient that combines "vampirism" and dissociative disorders identity.

The phenomenon of dissociative identity disorders (or, in other words, multiple personality) became known after the story Shirley Mason (also known as Sybil), in which, after suffering in childhood mental and sexual abuse, "settled" 16 different individuals.

Researchers engaged in "vampire" case, said in his report that multiple personalities often occurs in those who experienced severe childhood trauma.

The mother of a man who drank the blood, and then indulges in all serious, often hit the child. But he says that does not remember anything about his childhood from 5 years to 11.

Currently, Turkish "vampire" has already passed a six-week course of treatment, his thirst for blood has decreased, but the symptoms of multiple personality remained.

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