Dog rescued from a shelter on death of an infant

October 23, 2012 20:47

About six years ago, Brousseau family from Portland, Connecticut, took from a shelter for homeless animals dog named Duke.

More recently, at Duke had another mistress, little Harper, he saved the life, reports Tsenzor.NET citing animalworld.

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Nine-week baby at night, as usual, was sleeping in his crib in the room next to the master bedroom. Suddenly, to his mother's bedroom Harper — Jenna rushed excitedly Duke. The dog jumped on the bed and began to jump up and bother the owners, their teeth for grabbing clothes.
A man and a woman immediately woke up and realized that something had happened. When they rushed into the room to the child, they saw that the girl is breathless. She just stopped breathing in his sleep.
Harper's father immediately called an ambulance and the doctors came immediately started resuscitation, which did not stop on the way to hospital. Fortunately, the doctors managed to return the child to life.
"Duke incredibly docile and quiet, so that night, his behavior seemed strange to us so that we decided to just in case, check on our daughter. If he did not wake us, it would have been very bad, — says Jenna Brousseau — He ideal dog, so he is with us. "

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