Dog shocked people intelligence

January 20, 2012 19:36

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A striking observation shared scientists from the Research Center for dingo in Australia. According to experts, seen by them can turn an idea of the mind of animals

Scientists have unveiled a video that demonstrates the ability to solve complex dingo dog by the standards of logic puzzles and use the tools to succeed. Seated in a cage trying to get a piece of the dingo food hanging from the ceiling, according to NTV.

However, attempts to reach the starving animal treats were unsuccessful, as the food is hung too high. But clever dog teeth being moved in the cell table, jumped on him and after a few seconds it was dinner in the mouth.

 This experiment was the first documentary evidence of such intelligence animal. "At some point the dog to establish the relationship between the position of the table and the object of his desire and purpose just to achieve the goal. Thus the table has become a tool "- said Bradley Smith of the Australian Dingo Foundation.

It is believed that the monkey began to turn into a man, when he first picked up a stick. Therefore skeptics experience watching movie with the dog, said that nothing unusual had happened. Psychologist Christian Rutz from Oxford University, said that if the dog was able to hold a "tool" in the legs — that would be impressive. "And just drag the table and get to it — do not count," — he said.

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