Earth — Alien Laboratory

The media reported the 24-year-old Australian Megan Liker that aliens used as a "human incubator". They kidnapped her and forced her to have 26 hybrid children.

Judge David Jacobs plunged into a state of hypnosis abducted by aliens Will Parker, who reported the following information:

They put into my crotch such a thing in the shape of the ridge, it buzzes and vibrates. Very effective piece.
— What do you think happens? — Asks Jacobs.
— Well, they take the sperm, it is obviously not the urine as they derive therefrom.
— You feel like something implies?
— Definitely. I have an erection, but there is no feeling of orgasm. It is literally pulled out of me.
— And it looks like this device?
— A bit of polished stainless steel, aluminum, chromium, it seems. It covers the penis, it is a rounded bottom that fits the testicles. I seem locked in this thing. She looks like a kitchen machine, you'll definitely need homemaker.

Entered into a state of hypnosis twenty-Tracy Knapp said:

There is one guy on the other side of another, and another one here, and they are all under pressure. My feet are bullied up, and I was cut off somewhere inside. Something … Something is cut off, off. The liquid burns me.
— They use some instruments?
— Very tiny, tiny … very long gadgets, like scissors, well, very tiny. Such a feeling … if they cut on both sides. I feel some anxiety. I do not like it. They do not take my eggs, they are free, they are cut off … they seem to cut the strings.
— They clean your tools?
— Yes, they have something to take away from me. They clean … something like a baby or something. And they removed a bag or there is something else. Something tiny, really tiny. This is not a child.
— You mean the embryo?
— Yeah, it's kind of …
— What do they do when they take it away?
— There's a cylinder or something like that. Put it like this in a silver cylinder, three inches in width.
— What do they do with the cylinder?
— Well, you know, they had another … Oh my God! It looks like there are other children. They are in such drawers in the walls. These boxes, which are put forward, and they are little children in these drawers that are put forward, both in the laboratory or elsewhere.

Writer W. Langbein in the book "syndrome sphinx" cites numerous facts that aliens conduct genetic experiments on human beings. In the night from 15 to 16 August 1989 by extraterrestrial beings was kidnapped 18-year-old Yvonne Schneider, who lives in the small German town of Bad Salzuflen. Here's what she told about her adventures:

Suddenly, right over my head there was a huge glowing disk. From underneath the circular UFO diameter of about 50 meters straight at me was released on a beam of light. I felt the impact of this beam and the strange sensation of itching … I was not scared, but I have little tolerance for even a small height because of dizziness.

She was inside the UFO, ideally in a large circular room of strange creatures, similar to the little people:

These creatures have been growing about 1 meter 20 centimeters. One of them made me lie down on a metal table.

The girl was examined by a certain box with seven thin tubes and was the subject of strange experiments.

During the experiments, the girl looked around and saw a construction that resembles a huge aquarium built into the wall. Inside is a large creature height of about 3 meters. Yvonne says:

His body was hairy, like a great ape. The body was very thin and contrasted sharply with the size of the creature. Giant moved into something resembling a liquid, and illuminated from behind.

Being, according to Yvonne Schneider, was alive and breathing. She was scared, but one of the aliens reassured the girl:

You do not have to be afraid! We have created this creature, using the genes of humans, animals and the. We have done it, have grown. It is in some way your relative.

Credible researchers anomalies and unidentified flying objects, as William F. Hamilton, William Cooper, John Lear, argue that high-level government between the United States and a group of aliens is enclosed original deal: in exchange for high-tech U.S. government turns a blind eye to kidnapping and genetic Experiments aliens. Basic research on human beings and animals are held together by an underground base located near the town of Dyuls (New Mexico). This seven-story underground complex has several thousands of aliens and earthlings.

According to William F. Hamilton, occupy three of the top-level security service, maintenance, management, offices and laboratories. The fourth level is designed for experiments to control the human mind, which are conducted on human beings. The fifth level is occupied by aliens. At the sixth level, large-scale experiments are underway to change the genetic makeup of people, "so that they could work in unsafe conditions."

Here practiced methods of cloning and "communicated" seized in women after artificial insemination three-month embryos implanted a special kind of implants that allow to control the behavior of people at any distance. Another area of research is the selective erasure of memory electronic methods. The experiments were conducted under highly classified programs of the Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects USA (DARPA).

On the same floor is placed "Menagerie" for experimental artifacts. Hamilton leads the stories of workers who have seen the results of cross-breeding humans and different animal species. Mutants are kept in cages, and many of them are crying and asking for help in human language. Seventh, the lowest level of use for storing thousands of human and hybrid embryos, as well as the "waste" of failed experiments.

The aliens are using our planet as a kind of laboratory for genetic experiments. By creating different mutants, they put these half-humans, half-animal in the earth's environment to evaluate their ability to survive in extreme conditions.

In 1976, Christopher Murphy in a museum in Siasayd (Oregon) has found an unusual mummified artifact called the "alligator-boy": the human torso ended crocodile tail. Scaly reptile skin smoothly transformed into a smooth baby skin. Murphy examined the mummy for a long time and came to the conclusion that this is not a doll or dummy, and the children's natural body of about two years, with small hands and big head. Scientists who have studied this exhibit, said that the forgery is not out of the question. Unfortunately, the museum was looted, and the mummy of a child alligator disappeared without a trace.

Alive "alligator-boy" found in one of the sanctuaries of Florida paleontologist Dr. Ledbreyder. During a morning walk, he saw this unusual creature that nezhilos quietly in the sun. Scientist on a cell phone caused a team of experts for catching animals.

Weight caught mutant was about 90 pounds, length — 170 cm. According to Dr. Ledbreyde-ra, the creature had a human face, his eyes betrayed intelligence is not inherent in conventional animals:

When I talked with him and his assistant, I had a feeling that he is watching over us, as if knowing what we are talking about. I've never had to experience anything like this.

Anthropoid head was making hissing sounds inherent crocodiles. Further studies of human-reptile was stopped because the feds moved him to a secret lab.

Botanist from Holland Sylvia de Haas, who studied for a long time, the giant water lilies in the Amazon, I saw sitting on one of the plants incredible creature that resembled both a man and a frog. At first she thought it was from the heat she started having hallucinations, but the vision did not disappear. Seeing a woman, a mysterious creation rode off, jumping from lily to lily, and then disappeared in the water. Measuring distances between the leaves of plants showed that the shortest of his jump was equal to four, and the longest — nine meters. At a press conference Sylvia de Haas said:

Undoubtedly, the "man-frog" — a creature that was an evolutionary way, it is different from the ways of man. And although it is a small (about 90-120 cm), he has a hand with brushes and fingers, like a man, and on his chest a little scalp. However, he has also wet-looking skin and facial features (muzzle), like a frog — big bulging eyes, wide, thin, lipless mouth and a long, incredibly powerful frog legs.

The woman refused to give the exact spot where she had seen a strange creature to avoid the invasion of curious tourists.

Perhaps in the distant past, the aliens created humans amphibian development of open spaces for the oceans. This brings to mind the legends of mermaids have existed since time immemorial! Scientist and naturalist Pliny the Elder believed in the existence of mermaids:

… Stories about them — it's not fairy tales … the body of these creatures rough and covered with scales, even at the top, reminiscent of the camp … Most women found dead in the sand Nereids or mermaids — they were dumped on the sea shore.

To date, the accumulated wealth of information about unusual creatures frolicking in the water expanse of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. The famous XVII century English traveler Henry Hudson in the logbook described the mermaid, which he saw with his own eyes during one of his travels:

Her naked chest and back were like a normal woman. Conspicuous pale skin and flowing black hair. But when she dove, flashed her tail like a dolphin's tail is brown, mottled spots, like mackerel …

Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen three sea maidens with fish tails in marine waters off the coast of Guiana, and came to the conclusion that they are not nearly as beautiful as the pictures. It is unlikely that the famous explorers would indulge in fantasies and empty sully their reputation with stories about non-existent. Sure, they watched the mermaids really are and from close range.

One of the drawings depicts a mermaid in 1717. The inscription underneath reads:

Like a siren … monster was caught on the coast of Borneo in the administrative district of Amboyna. At a length of 1.5 meters. Lived on the land 4 days and 7 hours in a barrel of water. Periodically make sounds similar to a mouse squeak. Proposed shellfish, crabs and sea shells have not gone …

To the same period of time refers to the image watermark Russian splints with a detailed description of the monster:

A copy of the Spanish village of Bigorre. 1717, April 6. Dustinska village of fishermen caught a sea monster, or the so-called water man. With great difficulty, with difficulty in his seine bepeg dragged on. These things and more surprising and malovidannoe. Monstrum, or a sea miracle is from head to foot to 6-foot lengths. His head is similar to the necklace and so smooth that no one at the top of the hair do not. Tokmo beard long curls at the bottom.

The skin on the head and the whole body is black, thin hair and sometimes it is. Neck at this water grandfather prohibitively long, and the body of extraordinary length and thickness. Just a little bit like the human shoulders and elbows. Very short arms, very short. His fingers and hands too long before the first bend like a goose. Legs fused together, and from there went like fingers extremely long nails, like an animal. Has this freak low hanging breasts.

Only he male sex. His legs are short and most knees had grown together. Hip is not very long, just go early. His legs though all of humanity to look like, only the thumbs are very close to one another, as utyachi foot. On the back of a fish-like feathers. On the skin of the dorsal to the very bottom of the bone has grown. He cross pen, as a female fan, about 12 inches long, and when the bloom, and is more than 12 inches.

In medieval chronicles reported several cases of catching marine life.

In 1187, not far from Oxford was arrested "sea people", who managed to escape from captivity and fled back into the sea.

In 1305, off the coast of Holland caught the "sea people" dressed in "armor", who died after three weeks of detention.

In 1400 the Dutch fishermen caught at sea "marine girl", who has lived in captivity for several years.

In 1830, on the shore of the ocean near Benbecula (Hebrides) were tossed waves of the sea remains an unusual humanoid creature with the tail of a fish.

During a visit to the island in 1797, Berbice, which is situated in the Caribbean Sea, Dr. Chisholm recorded Aboriginal stories about strange creatures who live in the rivers of the island. The natives call these creatures meme mamma («mother of waters"). In the book, "The fear of the West Indies" Chisholm provides a description of the river mermaids:

The upper part of the body resembles a human figure, the head of the proportions less than men, and sometimes bald, but more often covered with dense, long, black hair. Broad shoulders, chest, large, well-formed. The lower part of the body like a fish tail, only very large, forked, like a dolphin … skin color — black or dark … More often see them sitting in the water, so that the lower part of the body is not seen as not to disturb the creature. When they dive, the tail is displayed on the surface, splashing water around. They are usually smooth hair or stroking their faces and breasts with her hands, or something resembling a hand. In this position, and doing this, they are often mistaken for Indian women bathing.

In 1979, Roy Wagner, an anthropologist at the University of Virginia, during an expedition to the islands of Papua New Guinea have heard stories from locals about strange creatures, which they called the "ri". Aborigines have argued that the upper part of the body of the creature resembles a human figure, but instead of legs they have two fins. When communicating with a whistle, breathe air and eat fish. The local population does not consider them reasonable.

In November 1979, in the Gulf of Ramat scientist personally observed the unusual creature:

At a distance of several hundred yards from me, something big swam to shore, describing a wide arc. We watched as it approached, I could see that this was something long and dark, floating horizontally, close to the water surface. Suddenly jumped out of the water sawfish (I was able to distinguish it as the distance between us was too small), and a dark object immediately plunged into the water and did not reappear.

Locals say scientists, it is ri. Wagner was convinced that the witnesses, telling about the mysterious creatures are not meant dugongs (sea cows). He wrote:

To make the body of the islander When ejected waves ashore or caught in nets for the dugong, so it is unlikely, as for the American hunter bringing home a deer carcass and assure its neighbors that it is a bear.

The newspaper «London Mirror» November 12, 1822 published an article that provides detailed eyewitness accounts, directly observed the mermaids or newts:

In 1811, a young man named John Mc Isaac, from the village of Korfayn, Kintyra, Scotland, during the investigation, took the oath before the sheriff's deputy city Kintyra, stating that on October 13 of that year on the black rock by the sea saw the animal, details of which can be found below.

An eyewitness said that the upper part of the being was white, in the form of the human body, the other, the lower part of which ends in a tail — rough reddish-gray color. At the head of the creature grew long hair and sometimes it corrected them. Animal from time to time, flatten the tail like a fan, and then he shuddered and trembled, and when it tightens, he remained motionless. According to an eyewitness, the width of the tail is 12-14 inches. Her hair was very long, light brown in color.

Length of the animal was 4-5 feet. The upper part of the body — head, hair, hands, mill — was that of a man. In relation to the length of the body were disproportionately short arms. The body thickness was as a young boy and gradually tapering tail. When the creature smoothes hair, as mentioned above, his fingers were tightly pressed against each other, so it was not visible, is there a membrane.

The witness watched the creature for about 2 hours. When, during the low tide the sea receded and the rock was exposed at all, rising to 5 feet above the water, being clumsily dropped into the sea. A few minutes later, the witness saw it appeared on the surface of the water, and could well see his face, very human, with deep-set eyes.

Cheeks and face were the same color, the neck seemed short. Being constantly with both hands to stroke his chest and soap, which was half hidden by water. Therefore, the witness could not say whether it was a woman's bust or not. It is also no longer see any legs or fins of the creature. It was a few minutes on the water, and then disappeared from sight.

On the same day (13 October) saw the human-amphibian and Miss Catherine Lounashan when she drove the cattle along the seashore. Unknown creature slipped off one of the cliffs into the sea, and then appeared on the surface of the water in 6 yards away. The creature had long black hair, skin, upper body was white, and the lower part of the body was that of a fish, and the skin on it — dark brown.

Description of the witness recorded sheriff's deputy Campbell, is virtually identical to the one above, that is both eye-witness saw the same humanoid creation:

The creature turned its face to the shore, where there was a witness, and, with one hand, which was like a teenager's hand, the rock came closer to the shore, and the witness was able to see the person well being — it was like a child's face, the same white and tender. All the while being constantly rubs his or soap his chest with one hand and fingers which were held tightly to one another … The animal looked at the girl about half a minute, then uplylo away and disappeared out of sight, but soon witness again saw his head appeared above the water creatures — it was floating south to the farm Korfayn, and soon disappeared completely, and the witness never saw him again.

Amphibian Man on the west coast of Scotland have seen repeatedly. January 12, 1809 Two women walking along the beach in the town of Sand-side, Caithness, in the north-east of Scotland, saw a woman in the sea, which had a round, plump, bright pink face and long green hair. After one of the witnesses of the incident published its report, a certain William Munro sent to the publisher of the newspaper «London Times» the following letter:

About 12 years ago, when I was the director of the parish school in RI, once I was walking along the shore of the Gulf of sand side. The day was wonderful, and I decided to walk up to the Cape Sand side. Suddenly I noticed that on a rock protruding from the sea, sitting naked woman. She combed hair that fell to her shoulders, and they were light brown.

She had a rounded forehead, full face, rosy cheeks, blue eyes, lips and mouth usual, of a man I did not see the teeth, as her mouth was closed, chest and waist, hands and fingers are the same size as an adult human fingers, as far as I could judge by the deft hand movements were not webbed, but just to say I can not.

Being sat on the stone 3 or 4 minutes after I saw it, and was completely absorbed in his occupation — combing her long, thick hair, which it seems to be very proud of, then it dived into the water, and the more I do not seen. I am very clear that being considered, as he was very close to the cliff on which it sat, and the sun was shining brightly.

It seemed that before diving into their natural element, being noticed me, because it have a look back to where I was … I used to have heard many times about these creatures from different people — some of them were very respectable citizens, the integrity of which I never would have doubted; yet I, like most people, was not inclined to believe in the stories of eyewitnesses who observed the phenomenon. Honestly say to you that only after I myself saw this creature, I really was convinced of its existence.

I'll be happy if my story to some extent be able to confirm the existence of the phenomenon, to which naturalists are suspicious, or reduce the skepticism of those who are willing to challenge everything that is yet unknown …

In 1814, in the coastal waters of the west coast of Scotland mermaid noticed the children, adults are invited to a neighboring farm. A man armed with a gun and tried to shoot at the creature, but others dissuaded him from this act. Mermaid frolicking near the shore for about two hours, sometimes uttering a hiss, like a goose. Eyewitnesses noted:

The upper part of the being was just like a normal woman: a very white skin, rosy cheeks, a very long, dark hair. The hands were normal, but strongly narrowed to the hands, palms were no more than a child 8 or 10 years. The creature had a tail, the color and shape of a huge tail tuna. Subsequently, the mermaid was observed in the same place twice, always early in the morning and when the sea was calm.

In 1830, on the island of Benbecula, located at the northwest coast of Scotland, the fishermen saw a small creature that sported and turn somersaults in the water. It resembled a half-woman, half fish. Men tried to catch a mermaid, but she sailed away from shore. In the end, a boy threw a stone at her, and a mysterious creature disappeared in the waves.

A few days later the body of a mermaid was swept ashore two miles from the spot where she was last seen. The local sheriff Duncan Shaw carefully examined the body, and drew up a report in which it was stated that:

The upper part of the creature was like a big child three or four years, but the breasts were developed more than usual, the hair is long, dark, shiny, skin white, soft and tender, the lower part of the body was that of a big salmon, but without scales.

In 1961, Ramsay MacDonald Robertson wrote about this discovery:

The body [mermaids] was buried in the cemetery in Nanton, a large gathering of people … Tomb survives to this day. I myself saw it.

Especially numerous descriptions of mermaids in the stories of sailors and records logbooks, ie observation of mysterious creatures documented.

The famous explorer Henry Hudson of the New World in his diary describing the following case:

That night [15 July 1610] one of our team, looking over the side and saw a mermaid and called others. Came up to him by another member of the team, and by the time the mermaid swam close to the boat and stared at the people swaying on the waves. The upper part of her body, chest and back were as a woman, as told sailors who had seen it. The body of it was the same size as that of the people, the skin is very white, and long black hair was swept back. When she ducked, the sailors saw its tail, like the tail of a porpoise, but speckled like a mackerel. The names of sailors who had seen her, — Thomas Hills and Robert Reiner.

An entry in the logbook of the vessel «Leonidas», en route from New York to Le Havre (the owner of the vessel Swift Aza), reads as follows:

May 1817. Latitude 44 degrees, 6 degrees to the north. The first part of the day was windy, with variable cloudiness, at two o'clock in the afternoon in front of the exchange rate at a distance of half the length of the ship we saw a strange fish. The lower part of it was like a fish, white belly, brown back, on top of the head — short hair. The upper torso and chest were those of a man, and being very carefully looked at us. It swam all day next to the ship, and we could well see its movement and shape. No one on board had not seen such fish, all agreed that this is a mermaid.

The second mate, Mr. Stevens, a highly educated and intelligent young man, told me that her face was almost white, and just as a person, and his hands were almost two times shorter than that of people brush too similar to human. It is sticking out of the water nearly two feet, looking at the ship, and sailed very fast. It remained in the same position, not far from the ship, for 10-15 minutes, then dived and appeared at the other side. It was floating near the ship for almost 6 hours. Mr Stevens also said that the hair on his head was being black and very much like a man, and that the lower half of the body was exactly like a fish. Length being from head to tail was about 5 feet.

Since humanoid amphibians people meet in our time. In the archives of the commission "Phenomenon" is a curious letter from a Muscovite Andrew Shch:

I am a materialist, the most restrictive sense. You can believe me: it is evidence of a sober, is not inclined to write fiction person. I'm always interested in travel. I have passed on kayaks, rafts, catamarans almost all known routes in the country's highest levels of difficulty. The event, which I want to tell you happened in western Ukraine (Carpathians). On one of my kayak capsized thresholds. I will not describe the details, otherwise we will have to give a long explanation of what "shivera", "plum", "barrel" … In general, I was sucked under the stones, and the undercurrent did not give to the surface.

I did not panic, fought to the last, but I knew that even a little bit, and I pour water into the lungs. And suddenly I saw that left me moving a white creature. If I believed in fairy tales, I would say that it was a mermaid (or rather, "Rusal" — being a member of this creature of the male sex I do not doubt it). It was all the same color — white, but with a grayish tinge, smooth and free of vegetation or fin-like cover on its seal or tightened from head to toe in a wetsuit swimmer. The face was the same. His facial features were not visible.

He literally pulled me out from under the stone, and then grabbed my left arm at the shoulder joint, rushed up at such a rate that it seemed to me that outside my body like around the propeller, the water began to boil. I flew out to the surface, as if thrown catapult at a time when more than hold his breathing was not at my best. I immediately picked up by comrades and was towed to shore. I was saved. That's all.

None of the participants in that campaign did not notice my savior. Everyone thought that I myself was able to get out of the underwater traps. But I know that's not true. I'm not going to ask the question: what was it? I will not offer their versions — I do not. There are only a certainty that this event actually took place, and there is a mysterious thing that saved my life in the summer of 1994.

The underwater world of the seas and oceans are even less studied than the closest space, and it is possible that in the mysterious depths of the waters of the earth people are still living amphibian, once created by aliens.

Maybe the aliens are conducting experiments and to create unpretentious and hardy breed of humans ("snowmen"), which they accommodated in different regions of the world in order to adapt these humanoids to the harsh climatic conditions of our planet. There is speculation that this relic branch of primates, whose development was stalled in the process of evolution.

According to biologists, to one or another kind of animal has not died as a result of closely ties (incest), you must have at least 40 pairs of individuals of different sexes. According to the descriptions of eyewitnesses, Bigfoot is usually found singly, sometimes in pairs, and they were seen very rarely — with cubs. This limited population simply could not exist for a long time. Evidence for the presence in different regions of the world of unusual creatures, their appearance resembling people, quite a lot.

October 23, 1903 Australian newspaper «Sydney Herald» Post published a cattleman Wheeler Dzheffkotta:

On Sunday, October 12th, I heard that my neighbor, George Sammerel, driving a short way from Bombala to Bemboka, saw a strange animal that stood on all fours, drank water from a stream. This stream was a mile from the swamp Packer.

Because the animal was covered with a gray fur, Sammerel immediately thought, "What a huge kangaroo!" But the animal to hear the sound of hooves, rose to full height — about 7 feet — and quietly looked at the person. Then he bent down, still popilo, then took a stick lying nearby, was climbing the slope, is on the right, or east, side of the road, and disappeared among the rocks and trees …

Sammerel said that the face of this creature resembles a monkey or a human, almost without forehead and chin, his body is large, the same width from the shoulders to the hips and the arms hanging down almost to his ankles.

Upon hearing this story, on Monday morning I went to the scene. There I found a lot of tracks, which confirmed the veracity of the story Sammerela. In the place where the animal leaned over the stream, drank water, on the ground were clearly visible handprints. Judging by the tracks, the hands of human beings different from … Looking at the footprints, I found a surprising feature: they looked very much like a huge, ugly prints of human feet — heel shape, rise, fingertips — all as a person, but only four toes. They are long (about 5 inches), a cylindrical shape, and is apparently very flexible. Even on those tracks that are deeply imprinted in the dirt, do not see the big toe, is typical of all great apes …

The most detailed description of the mysterious creature was an Australian surveyor Charles Harper, it was published in the newspaper «Sydney Sun» November 1912:

The great ape standing 20 yards from the fire, snarling, grimacing and pounding in the chest huge, resembling arms, legs … I think the growth of this being reached 5 feet 8 inches or 5 feet 10 inches. His body, legs and arms were covered with long brownish-red hair, which swayed from each animal's movements. In the dim light of the fire seemed to me that on the shoulders and back of the animal and a long black coat, but I was particularly struck by the fact that there are so strongly resembled the man and at the same time, there were significant differences …

I noticed that the metatarsals (foot) are very short, shorter than that of the person, and the phalanx very long — it proves that the feet could also grasp objects. Fibula leg is much shorter than that of humans. The thigh bone is very long and gives the proportion of legs. The trunk is very large, which indicates the great strength and endurance of the animal.

Shoulders and arms are long, large and very muscular, they are covered with shorter fur. The face and head were very small, but incredibly human-like. The eyes are large, dark, piercing, deep-set. In a terrible mouth could be seen two large tusks that protrude above the lower lip, even when the jaws are closed were. Stomach reminded bag hanging to mid-thigh, — I can not say it was a loss or a natural position. I am being treated for several minutes until it stood erect, as if paralyzed by his campfire.

May 19, 1969 on a farm Rising Sun (Indiana, USA) in 19.30, George Kaiser, passing through the yard of his farm, he saw a strange figure standing 25 feet away from him:

I watched him for about two minutes before he noticed me. The creature stood upright, slightly hunched over, his hands were up like a normal person. I think it was a growth of about 5 feet, 8 inches. The creature looked very muscular. His head was sitting right on his shoulders, his face black hair on his head stood on end, eyes close together, and the forehead is very low. It was all covered with fur, except for the hands and face. The hands look like ordinary human, and not as an animal paw.

Seeing the farmer, a strange creature let out a low growl, turned, jumped over the ditch and ran off into the woods. Plaster casts on his trail could be seen four fingers — one large and three small.

The farm Noxis (Okla.) Kenneth Tosh and his neighbors in September 1975 saw two unknown hominids. The growth of one substance was 6-7 feet, his whole body was covered in dark brown fur, except for sites located around the eyes and nose. Tosh recalled:

His eyes glowed in the dark, reddish-pink eyes. They shone with themselves, and did not reflect the light … Monster awful smell — like rotten eggs or sulfur.

Once Tosh and his brother-in-law met with two humanoids:

One's eyes were red and the other yellow. They stood at a distance of about 300 yards of each other … The cries of which had red eyes were like a woman screaming and yelling yellow-eyed as a child. Being a yellow eyes, unlike the latter, was gray. It was also half a foot below the red-eyed. They weighed probably 300-500 pounds.

In October 1987, Walter Bowers, hunting near Mill Creek in Salisbury (New Hampshire, England), he felt that he was being watched. Between the two groups of trees he saw the creature about 9 feet tall:

His body was covered with fur … some grayish color, and his hands were like me and here you have only three times and the pads on the front legs, like a dog … Long legs, long arms. It was just like a … gorilla, but it was not a gorilla.

Terrified, the hunter rushed to the car and hurried to leave. The reporter, who recorded the story Bowers said about him as a man with a clear mind and a sober mind.

There are eyewitnesses who saw the hairy humanoids after landing or departure of unidentified flying objects. Perhaps the aliens at this time planted on the planet next group of experimental humanoids.

In August 1972 the villagers Rouchdeyl (Indiana, USA) was observed over a cornfield luminous object, which, according to an eyewitness, as if exploded. Half an hour after the event Mrs. Rogers saw an unknown humanoid creature resembling a huge hairy gorilla. This saw the creation of several more times. It is usually avoided meeting people and run away when you meet them. A young woman told me:

We never found traces of the monster, even when it was running on dirt. It is run and jump, but as if nothing touching, no touching. It ran through the grass completely silent. And sometimes, when we looked at it, it seemed like it as a ghost that you can see through it.

However, a mysterious creature in need of food. A local farmer Carter Burdine, he says, has lost 30 of its 200 chickens, which it is literally torn to shreds. The farmer, his father and uncle caught the monster in the hen house and tried to get him into the barn, but it escaped and ran across the field. Bill Burdine, Uncle Carter began to shoot at him:

I shot four times from the blowpipe. This beast was only 100 feet away when I started shooting. I'm sure that was in him. From this distance, many times I have killed rabbits.

Unknown humanoid creature seen in the places about 40 people, but at the end of the month it was gone and no longer appear.

October 25, 1973 near the village of Union Town (Pennsylvania, USA) 22-year-old man and two 10-year-old teenager, he saw hovering over a field of corn red light, drove the car in his direction. Approaching closer, they saw a dome-shaped UFO White, fallen to the ground. Soon after landing witnesses heard the shrill screams, and later faced with two huge ape-like creature with glowing green eyes:

One of them, 8 feet tall, wore on, one hand on the fence, and the other was hanging almost to the ground. Behind him, trying not to be outdone, the creature ran a smaller increase of about 7 feet. They seemed to be communicated by means of thin high-pitched sounds that resemble squeal.

Man, taking with him a gun, shot three times in the bigger monster, but it just shrieked and waved off the bullets, both from pesky insects. At this moment, the UFO disappeared. Both creatures have disappeared in the thicket of trees. A local police officer called to the scene found a slightly luminous portion to the place where the landed UFO. It loud noise heard in the forest, apparently produced by someone large and heavy.

Recently, scientists involved in the abnormal phenomena, more inclined to think about the alien intervention in our lives. Aliens conduct genetic experiments on Earth, trying to create hybrids of human and alien creatures that are adapted to the harsh environment. Well-known UFO researcher David Jacobs writes:

The genetic program provides not alien reproduction, and production. They did not come here to help us. They have their own interests, they did not devote.

Numerous data on experiments conducted over the aliens abducted people, supports this assumption.

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