Earthquake in St. Petersburg — a mystery to seismologists

The fact that by the end of the world will lead the global earthquake, tells many fantastic books and shown in the shot on the scenarios of science fiction films. But who can say that this can not happen in reality? Recently in St. Petersburg reported increased incidence of earthquakes, which have caused concern among local residents.

One of the residents of the northern capital of Russia on behalf of the novel about the first tremor, which were reported in Murino and Devyatkino February 24, said the following: "From 20:30 to 22:46 rocked at least four times." Small earthquakes occur only in the evening on the north of the city. February 25 situation repeated. According to local residents tremors were so strong that they began to fall out of the cabinets stacked things. During the earthquake on Prospect Enlightenment many heard a loud sound like thunder explosion.

St. Petersburg, who live in an earthquake zone, began to sound the alarm. As amended by the local newspapers began to receive messages from frightened people who are concerned about the current events and offers scientific explanations for the occurrence of earthquakes. The fact that people are scared, shows the story of one witness: "At the end of Queen Avenue, from the north-western part of the city for several days, hear the thunder of explosions. House at street Sharov, 23, obviously, located front to the direction of the blast (at the corner of Queen and Shavrova) literally shakes every time and almost simultaneously with the sound of the explosion. Located on the upper floors of a ten-house rather unpleasant … "

According to the director of the center for deep geophysics FSUE Russian Scientific Research Geological Institute Sergey Kashubina, the district in which registered shock, not a seismically dangerous areas, but the epicenter of the earthquake, the waves which reached Petersburg, may be hundreds of kilometers away from the city. Management sector Seismology LRG Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory Bella Assinovskaya officially confirmed that the evening of February 25, just 40 kilometers from Pulkovo seismological station, 17 aftershocks have been recorded, with its epicenter in the Karelian Isthmus. Later Assinovskaya citing Emergencies Ministry added that recorded aftershocks could be caused by erosion of ammunition at military sites.

With the release of Bella Assinovskaya agrees geophysicist Sergei Kashubin. "An explosion in a military unit can be felt in the region, rather remote. Sometimes it is tens or hundreds of kilometers away from the place where, in fact, there was the explosion itself, "- said in confirmation Kashubin Assinovskaya version of the origin of earthquakes.

However, the version linking earthquakes and explosions of ammunition in landfills and Rzhev Bobochinsky deny military, who say that at a specified time no blasting was conducted. A statement on the subject was made by spokesman Commander Andrey Bobrun WEST: "The destruction of ammunition in landfills District held in the daytime, weekend destruction of ammunition is not made. On Saturday (February 26), according to the plan, held cleanups of the products of destruction. Sunday (February 27) — a day off. " But, according to St. Petersburg, tremors were observed in these February 26-27, writes

Petersburg is not the only city whose residents felt tremors such events over the past year have been recorded in other major Russian cities. Thus, in October 2010 in the suburbs of Kirovsk Murmansk residents felt the tremors, and the devices have recorded a magnitude 3.2 tremor ball. Local residents as a reason for the origin of the earthquake is called blasting on a nearby town with mine. Management of "PhosAgro" in whose company owns the mine, denied blasting.

In October 2010, these seismic tremors were registered in Chelyabinsk. As their causes, local authorities said tests on Chebarkul training ground. The military refuted the report and pointed out that the cause of earthquakes could be blasting owned by Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Yuri Karlikanovu Novosmolinskom career.

Reasons shudder land in areas adjacent to major cities and are not set and the population continues to spread rumors about the imminent end of the world because of global earthquakes.

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