Elections — not intended, the Customs Code — to be ratified


The next regular session of the House of Representatives will begin, according to the Constitution, on October 2. And the extraordinary session shall appoint by decree only head of state. Therefore, MPs and are forced to turn to it when the need arises.

Chairman of the Commission of nation-building, local government and regulations Vasily Bajkov motivated the need for an extraordinary session of the fact that without a prompt decision of some legislative acts can not be made great challenges facing the country:

"We need to take into account the requirement of the head of state that the regulations, especially in the fields of economy, must begin to act, not earlier than three months from the date of signing. Thus, consideration of the extraordinary session of 7 September 2010 laws, such as the budget for 2011, the budget fund for the social protection of the population, on changes and amendments to the Tax and Budget Codes, will not only take into account the demands of the President, but also will enable organizations and citizens to study in detail the changes in legislation and to prepare for the new environment. "

From tomorrow must earn the Customs Code of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. However, the format of participation of Belarus is still unknown. Parliaments of Kazakhstan and Russia have ratified all documents are then signed by the Presidents Nazarbayev and Medvedev. In Belarus, the National Assembly ratified the only part of the document, and some have remained unratified.

Not made clear in the this issue and First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, who spoke today at a joint session of the two chambers of the National Assembly. Mr. Semashko told reporters following:

"4-5 (July), you will hear the answer. And maybe later, I do not exclude it. Because when in St. Petersburg two weeks ago, the premiere Russia and Kazakhstan signed the relevant documents, and there it was stated that the doors for Belarus remain open to it m

The imposition of duties on petroleum products — it is an illegal act. And it made at any Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Russia.

Aglaia at a convenient time for her to join. Everyone understands that there are issues between Russia and Belarus. "

First Deputy Prime Minister said, what are these questions:

"The introduction of duties on petroleum products — is nonsense. We signed the contract. Have introduced such a rule — 6.3 million tons of oil get duty-free, and the rest — from duty. And that's all the relevant documents. But the imposition of a duty on petroleum products — it is an illegal act. And it made at any Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Russia. This is the output of all inter-governmental and inter-sectoral agreements between Russia and Belarus.

So we say: throw all these things, and then we are ready, perhaps, and sign your documents. And if Russia will insist that they are, then, apparently, and we have kontrargumenty — wait, be patient, watch, etc. "

Thus, it seems, that Belarus will have to wait. In this regard, the press center drew attention to the fact that out of the mouth of the chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko today has not heard the words of the conclusion of the session, not the national anthem sounded, and as it usually happens in such cases.

However, staff of the Information to which journalists asked a question, they said, writing that the session ended.


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