Emergency rescue boat project received the Leader 12PM

The exhibition "Integrated Security 2013" Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on RT was given a multi-purpose fire and rescue boat "Leader 12PM" made Rybinsk shipyard "Euroyachting."

  • boats left to right: "Leader 12PM", "Leader 11", "Leader 10"
  • boats left to right: "Leader 12PM", "Leader 11", "Leader 10"


It is a modern vessel equipped with everything necessary for patrolling, fire fighting and medical care. The boat is equipped with a special medical unit, allowing the provision of emergency medical care, as well as resuscitation and intensive care.

With the length and width (transport width), respectively, 13.3 (13.0) m and 4.5 (4.0) m boat can move at a maximum speed of 35-knots. With a cruising speed of 30 knots boat speed range up to 500 miles.

As the propulsion system used on the vessel two engines of Volvo Penta (Sweden) with a capacity of 575 hp each, as well as water cannons Hamilton. The case is completely out of aluminum. The boat is equipped with beds for 6 people in passenger capacity to 12 people.

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