End of the world comes from America

End of the world comes from America

In the South American state of Idaho, Yellowstone Park in the state, is a very large volcano — precisely, will supervolcano. Today, it is a tremendous pit area of ​​3825 square meters. km. But with the magma reservoir located not so deep — to him any eight miles. If it happens eruption — as it is, scientists predict will happen in the coming years — supervolcano then throw up at least 2.5 thousand cubic meters. miles of volcanic material.

End of the world comes from America

Lava, fire, suffocation, poisoning by hydrogen sulfide will be a prerequisite of mass death. Due to the huge ozone hole begins to grow in the sky radiation, and almost the entire territory of the United States, well, part of Canada with her reincarnated as one continuous Chernobyl.

Not a lot of scientists are convinced that the alleged sleeping until the eruption of Yellowstone volcano cause «echo» Worldwide: eruption occurs several hundred smaller volcanoes, including the ocean, followed by a tsunami.

Half the world will be ruined. Of the other half plunged into darkness as the ashes will block sunlight. You should know that supervolcanoes may give emissions to a height of 100 km.

In almost all countries, sharply colder. For example, Norway, which is now firmly interested in Antarctica and declares her territorial claims, she would be something like Antarctica.

Already in the first months of this natural disaster will die third of the population of the planet. Many will die just from hunger and cold.

A place considered harmless Eastern European part of Russia and Siberia. These areas of seismic resistance and quite distant from the epicenter. On the tsunami threat anywhere on the West Siberian Plain is also not necessary to read. However, not lucky St. Petersburg. Muscovites also have to move.

Why such gloomy forecasts? The fact that, according to new data, the temperature in some South American lakes geyser supervolcano rose to 20 degrees Celsius. For three months, scientists have recorded more than sixty aftershocks, the strongest of which occurred quite recently — March 30 (earthquake of magnitude 4.8). Feral animals almost herds leave the reserve in Yellowstone. For example, a mass exodus out bison.

Some scientists are set, so to say, optimistic. They predict only a large earthquake. A running buffalo believe stupid jokes park employees who hunt increment budget. Others believe that the bison move in search of food: in the park hungry.

But the South American government has a real concern. And even planning programs from costly Resettlement Yankees on other continents.

As passed April 4 Turner Radio Network with reference to Praag.co.za (South African news resource), the South American government is trying to bring the government prinevolit other applets on the movement of the Yankees in the non-hazardous places on the planet — For example, in South Africa.

According to the views of the United States Government, the Yellowstone supervolcano erupt in the coming 10 years. Because whitewashed house offered zabugornye recipient countries payments of $ 10 billion. dollars a year for most of these 10 years. For these funds, host countries must urgently arrange and provide housing for the Yankees, who will have to leave the country in case of eruption.

Americans are not alone convinced that the volcano erupts. For example, Dr. Jean-Philippe Perrilla (Jean-Philippe Perrillat) from the National Research Centre in Grenoble notes that France, too, confirms the increasing processes of magma. French, too, they say an eruption in the coming 10 years.

Newspaper «Afrikaner» (South Africa) reports that African State Congress received a request from the United States. Americans require South Africa to become «part of the plan» in the aftermath of natural disasters in the United States. South Africa promised by $ 10 billion. per year for 10 years. According to the plan, in South Africa should be built temporary housing for millions of Yankees.

Besides South Africa, the plan provides for the role of Brazil, Argentina and Australia.

In general, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, Dr Sipho Matvetve (Sipho Matwetwe), has said that South Africa «will not be part of the plan, as there is a risk that millions of white Yankees, who can be sent to our country emergency, may, in our opinion, to make public the danger of black culture and identity. «

That such intolerant response, add, received America.

As noted in the article, the last known eruption of the super scientist came perhaps about 70,000 years ago at Lake Toba in Sumatra. The eruption caused a volcanic winter that lasted six to eight years. The consequences superizverzheniya affected even a thousand years.

South American scientists believe that South Africa — an area where people would be able to survive the coming winter volcanic caused by the eruption of Yellowstone supervolcano.

But, reported on, although the two South African Ministry — foreign affairs and science and technology — were thoroughly informed about the U.S. plans, and on the monetary component, the Cabinet of South Africa decided to reject the U.S. request.

Dr Sipho Matvetve put forward a number of arguments against the South American resettlement in South Africa. According to him, the South African government expresses condolences to America because of the Yellowstone, but it has its prepyadstviya in South Africa. 200 million people live in the white America, and many of them decide to flee to South Africa. They will create a huge prepyadstviya here, destabilizing and «maybe even a return of apartheid.» The doctor concluded: «South Africa is not for sale.»

«65 million years ago supervolcano eruption similar coincided with the fall of a meteor near Mexico, and it is entirely possible, and that was a double whammy, because of which the dinosaurs became extinct. In today’s situation, the United States will die «- quotes the words of Dr. Physics Institute of New York Michio Kaku «first channel».

End of the world comes from America

Clearly, we would add that in the coming days of the U.S. government will appeal to Australia. It is also clear that in the context of volcanic prepyadstviya Ukraine, Syria, Iran, China and other so-called U.S. geopolitical targets may seem crisp white home trifles unworthy of attention. When at stake is the life of all the Yankees, there can be no question of fabrications «state security», whose interests are suffering here and there on the streets of Kharkov or Donetsk. Washington is no longer up-winded arguments about freedom of expression in China or the dominance of Assad in Damascus. All three hundred and fourteen million Yankees zasyplet about volcanic ash. And in anticipation of this terrible disaster, Mr. Obama can not ask for help then that South Africa or Australia, and in Russian: it Siberians consequences superizverzheniya will bypass.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin

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