End of the world: will survive only psychics. A conversation with a psychic Alex Pokhabov

April 29, 2012 8:23

Fashionable topic of doomsday not really found the character of mass psychosis, but mnogih.Poluchit interested in information about the "end of the world" and simply talk to interesting person we went to the winner of season one of "The Battle of psychics" psychic Alex Pokhabov.

Psycho — do not poke

Safely ensconced in the office (the center of the capital for a minute), we started yet afar.

— Alex, list — only to be honest — some of the most important occasions, which is not recommended to contact psychics?

— Clearly not worth coming for treatment of mental illness. Any extra-or, perhaps, a magical effect on a sick man will his psyche in a more precarious state. That is — the better to psychiatrists. Professionals.

You should not apply the same treatment for all. Many people confuse the psychics and healers — this is not the same thing. Healers do exist. And, sometimes, it is very powerful. But … Remember, healers never live in cities. They live only in places where there is a certain energy background, and this is only possible outside the city. Treats not personal healer — treats the place where this is a healer. Healer never heals himself, he simply guide, if, of course, a real good healer.

Another cause for failing to turn — well, here I can only say for myself — something like the return of the outgoing spouse, for example. When they tell me — that takes me from a husband or a wife, help me, I say, and let go. Very good! It's a gift — the act of your release, the possibility of positive change everything you want. Similar problems — problems of stereotypes. Who do you want to — just a man in bed or a man who loves you and cares about you? All — of course — are choosing the latter. But if this "bed thing" mentally Off with you, and with another man (woman) — where this "second" come from?

In this case, I just show the person an alternative view on the issue. And all the everyday aspects associated with the break up (living space, children, and so on) are not-so-great value, they are solvable. So — still not a reason to appeal is to a psychic. There are psychologists.

Do not apply to a psychic with the requests in the style of "I'm bored with my life, I want to change everything — change me," or "How to get rich?"

Psychic — a person just oversensitive, able to see something outside of the ordinary senses. Hence — the "scope" of said hypersensitivity. Watch and learn — person is alive or dead. Learn the most likely cause the same disease. That is — the profile.

— Search for missing, in my opinion — the most common reason people go to you and you like. Is this true?

— Practically yes. But here's what I would like to mention here. There is a myth — and the transfer of the "Battle of psychics" unwittingly contributed to his statement. The myth is that a psychic can accurately find any missing person. It's too bold statement.
Take the same process of filming gear. First — there is limited space search. Such a restriction is already producing a large concentration narrows psychic "scan". Second, among those present is man who knows where to hide the search. And he — the source of the background, feeling that locate "missing" even easier to calculate.

In reality — it's much more complicated. Yes, you can try — I stress — try to determine whether he is alive or dead, try to feel what it currently surrounds the space: in the woods, or even where he is, whether there is water nearby, and so on.

Search and find a psychic in force, but for this he must abandon all other cases, including the very personal, forget about them and focus on only one search. Only under such conditions, for example, I can find the person, for example in the human ocean such as Moscow, and leave me to it … well, at least a week.

— Appeal to you and law enforcement bodies to find the killer — it?

— It happens that my help is effective. But in what way — the investigators detected a hint, a clue to help them solve the crime. No more … In my view will not make even a composite sketch. I can feel, for example, how many people in the act, as it was a murder — that's all.

And, to be honest, I try to avoid such searches. The fact that I have a very peculiar attitude to death. If a person is killed, then — no matter how good he was in life — I consider the fact of his murder as predestination. It had to happen. And I do not there is a "patriotic" desire at all costs to find and punish. And without such a "worsening" — better not to take on such cases …

Religion and Psychics: non-aggression pact

— Illustrious Castaneda in the way of gaining psychic abilities play an important role "power plants." You take them?

— No (laughs), I do not drink. Although the described method is correct, but few of the readers to pay attention to the fact that Don Juan used these plants very individual to the hero-author. Just to shake his psychic energy. A special case. There are lots of ways to meditate, not involving the use mentioned "the power plants."

— Virtually all the world's religions consider psychics least as heretics, and the maximum — the embodiment of evil …

— This is true. But there is an important caveat. Religious hierarchy — that religious and not religious — there are those that are visible (they run) and those who are hidden (they run). And among managers — so full of psychics. And they are great friends with us. However, for the mass consciousness for parishioners is issued — and quite consciously given — information: it is — from the evil one. Of the devil. And rightly so. For one simple reason. Restless, immature souls of such a test may simply not do. Psychic, its clear demonstration, magic, magical technique, and so on and so forth — this is a very serious and very dangerous thing for a beginner to properly consciousness. Luda — really! — Can just go crazy. I have personally seen these people. So it's easier — and most importantly, safer to say: come on these things, do not bother them. Go pray — that's all. Enough.

That is, in fact, such an attitude to the psychics of the religions — the usual protective gear. That is how it should be given a "negative attitude" to understand.

Those who over time, to provide knowledge, "grow", "safety dogma" understand: psychic features — only biological feature of an organism. Humanity is evolving. More and more people become able to use greater and greater percentage of the capabilities of their brain. 've Long known — now the majority can use only 10%
from these opportunities.


— Special interest people — even before very skeptical — to psychics occurs usually in critical situations. Here, for example — have announced early end of the world …

— Indeed, the extreme desire for anything paranormal accounts for times of crisis. Because the environment is constantly sending us some signals that people feel without being psychic, the following happens — very rough and sketchy. In times of stability, there is a signal of one specific frequency, and upon the occurrence of unstable frequency varies. Hence — the anxiety caused by the desire to return to the previous frequency. Beginning to demand interpretation of what is happening — that's the way to psychics, people are much thinner sentient such signals.

Talking about the end of the world — the embodiment, the chain reaction of the collective unconscious. Incidentally, when understood that but you will die in a global catastrophe, or almost all of humanity — take apart the individual becomes much easier — and more fun — to talk about these things: I'm not one — tells him unconscious. Removed the barrier of fear — and here's the interesting povalny discuss and thumb apocalyptic themes.

What happens in reality?

We — not just me, but you are — feel that the dynamics of Earth processes greatly increases. Right now almost everyone has an opportunity to get a year what he had had to spend 10-20 years.

Who on earth "open the gates." In terms of energy. What is this gate. This is the gate, allowing the man to escape from the so-called "wheel of Samsara" — the circle of rebirth and death. Comes a time when many more people the opportunity to connect with your external "I" and thus achieve a higher state of being on Earth. Reach the state that Buddhists describe as "enlightenment." Having achieved his man freed from the burden of illusions — and this is the greatest thing he can achieve.

The availability and effectiveness of these "gates" have tangible confirmation. But the most striking — a sharp increase in global fertility in the twentieth century. Two world wars, a lot of new viruses and diseases — and all the same from the previous century the people on the planet is seven times greater. That is a huge number of souls wants to incarnate on earth, and — most importantly — for this they are able to:-gate is open.

And in 2012 they reached the gates of the point of maximum openness. And after — will be closed. It is unknown how long they will be closed — a hundred years, and maybe one day. They need to have time to enter. And direct their mental energy, not to create value external, that in an instant can collapse, and the internal value creation, that is immortal. This excuse has long been known — not acquire the treasure on earth, having attained in heaven …

— A term of life, and for which all can acquire — is predetermined?


Preordained death. And, most interestingly, to approach it — you can. But separate — no.

I will explain. Liken the movement to life to death road along the creek osazhennogo garden trees. You follow this road — you have always with you water and food. But you will find, for example, a flask. And decides: fill — think I water it and see — that there, in the side of the road? And care. As long as you have a supply of water, you move to the side. But that water runs out — it is necessary to go back to the creek. Can go back, and maybe die. So you cut yourself lifespan.
But in the example of the flask you are unlikely to find yourself lost for a time. But if you find, let's say, or a canister for a car with a tank and a supply of water for the care towards you will be large, the probability of "premature" deaths increases. Easy to carry out by analogy.

Another thing is that the length of the stream — indeed predetermined. You can not make the stream is longer or shorter. But the creek — the path to the source of all our lives. After all, we — rough and sketchy — a shadow, a dream spirit. And the way to death — a way to merge with it. Mind you, very, very often … death is the reward. In a short time a person has gone along the creek and fulfilled all tasks before him in spirit. Paradoxically, in the end everything is known commonplace maxim — God soon take back the best …

— Anyone can become a psychic?

— No. And the train is not all. If someone feels a certain gift — it does not mean that he had to actually have. A simple example: if I have a group of 30 people began to study, it turns out graduates — three or four. Not any more. These three or four have a chance to use the experience in their daily lives. Yes, to feel in it something almost everyone can, almost anyone can enter in any particular state. However, to stay in this life — the lot mentioned units.

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May 2011

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