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February 13, 2012 10:05

It has long been observed that with the development of society, the amount and variety of entertainment is growing. There is also a feedback: the desire for the advancement of new entertainment. Moralists see this anomie, but forget that the majority of entertainment not only provide recreation, but also develop the mind and body. And more and more …

After the game interface MyFarm ten thousand people will be able to remotely grow cereals and vegetables, feed and graze cattle

Augmented Reality

In modern futurologists have a favorite horror story: they intimidate us by saying that with the improvement of computers and networks, more and more people will go to virtual worlds. This threat seems far-fetched, because studies have shown that pathological dependence on entertainment that can give a virtual, characterized by 1-2% of the population, mainly young people (up to 5%), which does not exceed the percentage suffering from Gamblers (gambling). Simply put, if a person who now goes to the virtual space, breaking all ties with the company, did not have such an opportunity, he would have found himself in a different satisfaction — in roulette or drugged stupor.

As for the adults adequate people, they more interesting to use a virtual self-empowerment. In this sense, absolutely fantastic prospects opening up before the technologies that allow the connection of illusory worlds created by computer, with the reality.

The first thing that suggests itself — to provide similar systems museums. The EU has already adopted an ambitious project Lifeplus, which radically changed the idea of the museum is. Imagine you decide to visit the Roman Colosseum. At the entrance to this magnificent structure you will be given a translucent hood with built-in computer. Obeying instructions a button, you will pass under its high arches, climb the stairs, take a look at the famous scene from the side. But this will see not only the bare walls and old stones. Coliseum come alive — you will find the ancient Romans, will witness a battle of gladiators and wild beasts fights. If you are sick of ancient bloody fun, you can order the construction of the Colosseum or the reconstruction of the history of local archaeological research.

This technology can be used anywhere, in art galleries, the water park, in paleontological and zoological museums. It is safe to say that the augmented reality — a kind of time machine that allows you to see what is gone, seemingly forever.


Virtuality gives one real advantage — can test themselves in extreme conditions: in the boxing ring, on the battlefield, in the air battle in space, in the depths of the ocean. And from the comfort of your own apartment. Three-dimensional games that simulate these conditions in the long run, but they do not give a sense of presence, which dreams of the consumer. Dozens of companies gaming industry invest millions of dollars in equipment (the so-called digital devices with feedback), allowing the team to convert computer electrical impulses to the physical sensations.

The easiest way was to make a helmet that produces three-dimensional image on the screen and through the stereo speakers transmit sound. At present, the functions helmet successfully replace massive glasses screens.

Much harder to design a track that simulates movement of players in the space: he can walk or run in any direction, crouch, fall, roll and so on. On this problem is active company Virtual Space Devices, which is commissioned by the U.S. Army has released the third generation of omnidirectional treadmill iPlane. Immersion in the virtual absence of inertia is provided — a change of direction on it immediately leads to a change in the direction of running track, and to either side. Until released single samples, but they are already used to prepare special forces, firemen, policemen. Without a doubt, these tracks will be in demand and gamers.


But how to convey tactile sensations: touch, pressure, heat or cold? It turns out that this is possible! In July 2010, the Japanese engineers from the Central University of Tokyo presented manipulator ThermoGame, which changes the temperature of the palms user depending on what happens in a computer game. It is clear that this is still not enough, but the manipulator becomes a prototype suitable gloves.

As for the impact on the human body, is already being tested jacket firm Philips, which tightly fits the player and after 64 vibration actuator transmits the full range of feelings, until a painful blow. In conjunction with the omnidirectional path screens and glasses, this technology will allow to feel pleasure and hardships of the virtual world on the skin.

But what if the user for some reason can not walk or move? Scientists from Japan's Keio University say that they have decided that problem. They forced the computer to read action currents in the motor cortex, and the disabled can now manage your digital copy (Text), which will travel through the virtual world. It is clear that such a development could be useful not only for patients, but also quite healthy people who want to play the game, based on the invention.

Is realistic is another option. With these costumes can not only participate in the game, but also to control humanoid robots, which are, for example, on another planet.

Imagine that! It will be quite a bit of time, and anyone would be free to travel to fantastic worlds, gaining new experiences and sensations. What do you think about participation in the fighting robots, or in races on this moon? It is difficult to resist the temptation, is not it?


Not long ago, a certain Richard Morris, Wimpole farm owns (real, not virtual!), Which is in the UK, near the Cambridgeshire, offered online players in order to direct the experimental farm belonging to him. After the game interface MyFarm ten thousand people will be able to remotely grow cereals and vegetables, feed and graze cattle. So far, the possibilities are limited players — they take a collective decision and should listen to the opinion of experts (for example, hemp, bananas grow in Wimpole impossible), but over time will increase the freedom of choice, and in addition, you can enjoy the fruits of their labor — the harvest will bring right at home!

The Philips jacket fits snugly over 64 players and vibration actuator transmits the full range of feelings, until a painful blow

Oh, what new prospects! After all, the same way you can manage and most of this factory, or even a city. For example, the one in which you live. Of course, under the supervision of specialists and computer model. To start. There would be all joy and officials, managers, and ordinary people-players!

In general, it is clear that new forms of entertainment will become more widespread. The main thing — do not forget that the diversity of life is not limited to them. And sometimes you need to work on.

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