Epigraphists explained the meaning of the Mayan calendar

December 2, 2012 4:40

Yuri Knorozov — amazing people and challenging fate. Unfortunately, not without Russian sins, he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR and the supreme knight of awards to Mexico, but he died in the 99th year in oblivion. Employee famous Leningrad Institute of the Maclay, for many years he had been "restricted to leave" and did not happen in Mexico or Guatemala or Belize or El Salvador or Honduras — and in their territory and settled Maya Empire. But in the quiet of his study was he deciphered the mysterious Mayan writings and founded an entire world's scientific school where fiddle and now play the Russians.

 Predicted whether Knorozov doomsday? For myself — yes. The fact that, according to the canons of Marxism, such characters as the Maya, the appropriate stage of development of the class of the state. However, in one of the works of Engels stated: "The Mayas" state was not. " Thus, in the Soviet times Knorozov could easily blame the revision of Marxism. That would be at the time the real end of the world.

But to return to what is now recognized by the world Knorozov techniques can be decrypted in the Mayan calendar. "Saturday News" met with two people who study the Mayan culture. So what are the keys left us Knorozov?

On the shelves of the cabinet has mixed many Native American cultures: the Aymara, the Aztecs, and of course, the Maya. Sense of eerie symbolism, which filled the room, a student explains the great Knorozov and internationally renowned scientist epigrapher Galina Yershova we hardly caught in Moscow between regular trips to Mexico and Guatemala. So is there any point in the Mayan calendar?

— Absolutely. Here we go from the constellation of Jaguar, and moved to the monkey.

— That is, December 21, December 23, when it will end constellation …

— Jaguar … constellation the sun begins to enter the constellation of the Monkey. The vernal equinox. All. This is a remarkable event.

Coming to an end of the world? Why, after reading Knorozov, another end of the world in his book "Underground" predicts fashion writer Dmitry Glukhovsky now?

— If there were no demand, interest, people would not want to savor, to represent the end of the world, there would be so many movies, pseudoscientific articles. We want to talk about it. Because we like to fantasize about it, to represent, to proclaim an end.

However, the end of the world Glukhovsky unsubscribe to 2033 and as a result of a nuclear apocalypse. But the prologue to his other acclaimed book, "Twilight," in fact, was the film "Apocalypse" Mel Gibson. The film about the Mayan civilization before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors has it all: the brutal war with neighboring tribes, as scientists believe, exaggerated Gibson human sacrifice and the mysterious mystical rituals. However, pushed away the Indians no no end. The light, for the heavenly bodies, they, on the contrary, the following.
Experienced astronomers so amazingly precise positioning of the astronomical coordinates of their pyramids, the Maya, however, not even predict the end of their world: namely the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

The already famous Mayan calendar supposedly predicted the us up to December this year, found no yesterday and no one year ago, or even ten. He was found as early as the 58th highest in the narrow bar in the town of Tortuguero in Tabasco. Investigated the same in the 70's. Calendar describes 13 major cycles and ends with the end of 13 cycles, but nothing strange in this. Galina Yershova explains why.

— It's not a pretty record Maya. It's just the end of 13 cycles. That's all. That is, the tenant outlined some of his astronomical calculations to show how each officer being wanted superiors. And it was a very important step for them. That is, they justify themselves, to exist, and at the same time boasted of how they can count on. And what was bragging. Because really, at this date it is proposed that when it's this date, Mars will reversed motion. And you imagine Mars goes, then make a loop, and then moves on.

The same for myself and found Glukhovsky when, as in Guatemala, wrote the book "Twilight".

— Unlike the Scandinavian civilization, Catholicism and other faiths Maya never never predicted end of the world. Their calendar is cyclical, and at the end of the loop to begin the next.

Then why is the idea that the Mayan calendar is cut off the end of December? Galina Yershova believes that it is from ignorance.

— This is from ignorance. People it is difficult to teach the country, read the textbook, to strain to see something. All digging in Internet dump.

Rummage we. What will bring us in December? It's okay. The frame of reference of the Maya dates from 3114 BC, and continues 13-baktun — the five with some thousands of years. The end of this great cycle means nothing else but the beginning of a new, exactly the same cycle on the same calendar. Simply put, there will be an easy transition to the vernal equinox in the constellation of the Jaguar in the constellation of the Monkey, in our opinion — from Pisces to Aquarius, explains Ershov.

— People are that the Mayan calendar — it daily: I bought a year, finished the last page, broke — and ended the calendar. This is a complete nonsense. Go and buy the next one. The following year, daily. Similarly, the Mayans. They have not finished the calculations calendar. Moreover, it is not the first, not the distant date of their calculations. They have the numbers, which are written with sixteen zeros. So if we talk about the end of the world, is due to these millions, I can not even pronounce the numbers.

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