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Frankly, TV spots next razor for women gives me a feeling of deep thought. Can someone help? Do this every other day from scratches himself lucky not germinating hair and stroking the stubble on his feet before going to bed? That's lucky, I guess.

But for some reason it seems to me that there is a substantial part of those who are not lucky: on-site shaving hair starts to grow in arithmetical progression, depilatory creams do not help, and the means to slow the growth of hair look like a joke.

All this fully applies to me. And radical means of combating the problem of a personal nature to me were, two methods: photo-and laser hair removal. What exactly do they differ from each other only explained to me on the spot — at the medical center "MedEstetik."

"In fact epilation and laser hair removal — is the impact on hair flashes of light. However, when hair removal is used polychromatic radiation, while laser hair removal — monochromatic.

In practice this means that the laser is effectively acts on hard dark hair. At hair removal You can remove any hair — until the gun. "

Olga Dolgireva, cosmetologist medical center "MedEstetik."

By all parameters approached me epilation.

Originally, I was ready for that just right and do not get. It takes from 7 to 12 treatments to achieve smoothness coveted legs. But with preparation the procedure I gave a blunder. Arguing in the spirit: "Why should I shock cosmetologist its vegetation?", I have this vegetation is exhausted at the root of the night before. And, as it turned out, it is in vain.

Epiliruemuyu shaving surface should be 2-3 days before the procedure. A short hair still need to flash the light on it got to the follicle. The ideal length of the hair, which is necessary to substitute for hair removal — 0.1 to 0.5 centimeters. We note in passing that the next hair removal session I was already well "overgrown" and with a sense of complete moral rightness.

"Why do not shave your legs? — I am preparing for hair removal "- in my opinion, very competent excuse in case you are not okay with the vegetation on the body.

Before the procedure, I have got a medical card and warned about contraindications. In the black list includes: pregnancy, cancer, herpes, allergic to the sun, taking certain antibiotics. And if you do deep bikini, and yet there should be no problems with gynecology.

If you have any disease of the problem list, should not even be on the photo-epilation. But even if you are healthy and do not beautician told you about contraindications (and gave no sign the appropriate paper), is an occasion to wonder: What exactly is so beautiful you have selected a beauty salon?

The rest was easy: I undressed and lay down on a special couch. Completely denude not necessary — the main thing that was open that portion of the body, you're going to be subjected to the procedure. Well, it was convenient to the beautician. Generally friendly attitude specialist is expensive: povolnueshsya looking at the size of the device for hair removal, five times think, would not hurt vzmoknesh from these thoughts. Beautician just gently rub off your napkin, will give glasses to protect from bright flashes smazhet special gel and begin to fight the growth of body hair.

I am sending a beam of hairlessness

Now the secret: the essence of technique. Outwardly, everything seemed like a pylesoshenie carpet. The only difference — head unit is not in contact with the skin. And instead of sucking — gives regular flashes of light. Flash size may be from 3 to 12 centimeters. The principle of "more is better" is not always true, for example, process bikini area such bulky head, uncomfortable and ineffective.

What will I feel during hair removal, depending on individual sensitivity. Range — a feeling of warmth to a light tingling. And it is quite rare — burning, which should prevent a beautician. Get burned during hair removal is not possible: flash very short and is always done through the filters, which cut off the excess part of the light range.

As it turned out, the most painful — the first procedure, subsequently photo-epilation is becoming less and less noticeable. However, in my case, it was not much discomfort. Especially because it was over faster than I had expected: underarm hair removal both spent 15 minutes.

What's next?

After the first procedure armpit hair began to grow much more slowly and reluctantly (I'm a big shout creams to delay hair growth). Moreover, after the first treatment hair removal is recommended to shave off the hair (which will look a little skukozhilas) and keep track of how things have changed their rate of growth.

The following procedure is prescribed in 3-5 weeks.

Now the precautions after hair removal. There are times prohibitions — do not use sun beds, not be in the sun (the sun median strip so does not count). All these restrictions are explained by one: otherwise the skin pigmentation may occur, which would be extremely difficult, almost impossible to handle. In fact, this means that all the time, while you are doing photoepilation, you may sunbathe or go to a solarium as a human can not. And your legs are pale, but hairless.

Another good thing that we have a Russian winter lasts six months: it will be the time for further studies photoepilation.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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