Eugene Stasevych: Neil Gilevich — master autographs


Michas Scoble"Mr. Eugene, compiled a collection of autographs you — the only such in the history of Belarusian literature. Signings we have no one investigated, and they are rarely published. What prompted you addressed only to give you a reading of all concerned? "

Eugene Stasevych"I thought it was — not just autographs, is the relationship of the national poet for life, for family, for Belarus. Almost every autograph Nile Gilevich present homeland, his pain is present for the Belarusian language. So I decided to publish these writings, so that they are not lost in vain, to keep them for posterity, for those who will be interested in the heritage of the Nile Simonovic. I would like to see this book met a lot of people who love and appreciate the work of the national poet. "

Scoble"One day, when I was a student of philology BSU, to meet us came Ivan Shamyakin. Just came out of his novel "Petrograd Brest." After the meeting the students lined up for autographs. And what was their disappointment when the writer just painted for the book. What distinguished himself in the genre autograph Neil Gilevich? "

Stasevych"I do believe that a writer or a journalist writing for people, not for themselves. And if people want to have an autograph of the creator, then waiting for him a word, what was said just for them, and not signing. Once I arranged a meeting with Neil Gilevich in its research institute, where he worked as the director. And there, too, Neil Simonovic signed autographs, and he wrote every word of a good warm. Even now people remember about that meeting.

A characteristic feature of the Nile Gilevich is that he is very serious about the autographs on the books.

A characteristic feature of the Nile Gilevich is that he is very serious about the autographs on the books. Here's a look at what he wrote to me on the book "Native Sons": "Eugene Denisovich and Nina Ivanovna Stasevych. Accept, dear friends, / epic confession of mine, / There is language — the people shall not perish, / On this stood and stood. / And the truth higher than this, / Out of the ground for a poet. " But the autograph book of satire and humor, "The door to the story": "You see, my friends, and all zgrybely / looks with a smile at the light on the white. / Well, at the barking dogs that jealous / I can still agryznutstsa and evil." As you can see, Neil Gilevich — master autographs. Each of his autographs — is a mini-product, a complete opinion. And in this work — the poet's relationship not only to me but also to those who interfere with him in life, did something bad. "


Scoble"Some autographs call for comment, their meaning, apparently, only you know the author. For example, in the autograph on the book "Before the new brooms" are talking about a Bohm, who climbs out of a windbreak. And pointed out that you — witness the event. "

Stasevych"Event" that took place in 1950 in a camp "Builder" near Minsk. There we met the first time and with Neil Simonovic. During the holidays, we, the students, who worked in the camp counselors to cash in on a robe. In the evenings, the young people gathered and talked. A gym teacher in the pioneer camp worked very healthy, strong, tall guy, we called him Bohm. And it was a girl, and they met with her, even in the woods … We kind of sit and Bohm leads the girl out of the forest … And then Neil gave an impromptu Simonovic, "Since we were sitting on the porch / We talked about a lover, / Suddenly see — climbs Bohm / Like a bear with a windbreak that." For the first time in my eyes was created verse, and I learned that in front of me a poet Neil Gilevich ".

Scoble"You on education and the profession — a technician, candidate of economic sciences. What is poetry for you, and how you need it in today's life? "

Stasevych"Poetry in my life occupies a very important place. In general, I can not imagine my life without poetry. I think that a person who does not like poetry, something substantial loses. He knows something is important not because the wisest, the greatest thoughts do not philosophers and poets. I am convinced of this. And I am convinced that Neil Simonovic Gilevich still insufficiently appreciated by all of us as a great poet, especially as a poet and satirist. Unfortunately, we, Belarusians do not appreciate what we have and not give the man during his life that he deserved, for what put life. I think that Neil Gilevich among the best satirical poets not only in Belarus, but also the entire Slavic world. "

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