Even today, June 16

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


All day sun, the temperature 22 — 25 ° C.

Do not pass:

The third concert of the series "A dozen. Unplugged" (Minsk club "Graffiti," Lane Kalinina, 16, 19.00).


Bratislava, a meeting of heads of government of the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary).

Astana, the visit to Kazakhstan Prime Minister Jose Louis Rodriguez Zapatero.

St. Petersburg, the beginning of the World Economic Forum with the participation of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

New York, the hearing on the legality of extradition to the U.S. arms dealer Viktor Bout.

New York, the UN Security Council will consider the candidacy of Ban Ki-Moon as Secretary General of the UN.


1633: the Inquisition ordered the punishment of Galileo for heresy.

1903 in the United States registered trademark "Pepsi-Cola."

1903 began the first Arctic expedition Roald Amundsena.

1944: Islyandyya adopted a constitution.

1983: Pope John Paul II made an official visit to Poland, where he met with the head of the country's Vojtech Jaruzelski and the leader of "Solidarity" by Lech Walesa.

2006: Opened for users new building of the National Library of Belarus.


1723: Adam Smith, the Scottish economist and philosopher, one of the founders of modern economic theory.

1834: Alexander Yale, the Belarusian writer, historian, anthropologist, ethnographer.

1867 Gustaf Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland, the organizer of Defence of Finland during the Russo-Finnish war of 1940, the president of Finland in 1944-1946.

1875: Konstantin Galkovsky, Lithuanian and Belarusian composer, conductor and teacher.

1879: Basil Ragulya, the Belarusian public and political figure, Senator and Ambassador II in the Commonwealth.


1937: Alexander Tchervyakov statesman of the Byelorussian SSR, the party leader of the RCP (b) and CP (b) B (shot Communists).

1944: Marc Bloch, French historian, founder of the school of "Annals" (shot by the Nazis).

1954 Boris Mikulic, Belarusian writer.

1958: Imre Nagy, the Hungarian politician and statesman, Prime Minister of the Hungarian People's Republic (shot Communists).

1977, Wernher von Braun, a German and an American scientist, one of the founders of raketabudavannya, the first head of the U.S. missile program.

There is a reason:

Blumsdey, Day Bloom (born Bloomsday, IRL. Lá Bloom) — Thursday, June 16, 1904, the day of the novel "Ulysses" by James Joyce, which is celebrated as a holiday in Ireland (Bloom — the name of the protagonist of the novel).

MINUS 365:

Gas silence from Minsk

Quote to remember:

What you believe is real, then there — James Joyce's "Ulysses."

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