EXCELLENCE «Leopard 2»

New fundamental order from an unnamed Arab country in the amount of 475 million euros was the leading German defense concern Rheinmetall, ASDNews reported June 18.
In the contract includes delivery of fire control systems, optoelectronic sensors, L55 120 mm guns and ammunition for more than 60 main battle tank Leopard 2A7, chassis, 155 mm guns and shells for 12 ACS PzH 2000, parts and tools for both types of combat art. Deliveries are scheduled for 2015-2018 years.
Rheinmetall has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of armored fighting vehicles. Tank Leopard 2 continues to be a model of global standards for modern tanks. The armies of 18 countries are more than 3,600 tanks of this type, from their 2125 were produced for the German Army and the Netherlands.
The company has great technical merit. 120 mm gun hitherto considered the best in the world and is made under license in various countries around the world, is the main armament of the South American M1 Abrams MBT and several other tanks. Rheinmetall has unparalleled experience in developing mnogokalibernyh ammunition for tanks and assault guns. In MBT Leopard 2 and ACS 2000 PzH completely mixed weapons, ammunition, unique engineering systems.
The advantage of the company is also manifested in the development of armored recovery vehicles (ARV) Buffel / Buffalo 3, made on the Leopard 2 chassis. Addition, the company is a front-runner in the development of fire control systems.

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