Exercises for eyes

Exercises for the eyes.

The first exercise to save the view were created long before our era. Yoga, creating systems for the whole body, do not forget about our eyes. They know exactly what is needed for the best result, not only training, but also a complete rest. A large amount of information that we "absorb" the eyes every day, requires them almost constant voltage. And, of course, they get tired.

Many eye problems arise precisely from overexertion. Even a person with a "unit" needed to rest for the eyes. Otherwise, after the hard work may appear symptoms such as dry eyes, redness, blurred vision distance. What can we say about those who have vision is poor — in this case, rest your eyes is a must. Not without reason HS Bates and his student MD Corbet, creating a system of vision improvement, largely relied precisely on this fact. Exercise and relaxation for the eyes, which will be given below (this yogic complex, and exercise Bates and Corbet), a relatively simple and will not take much time.

But the concept is simple and complicated at the same time. So first try to read carefully the description of uprazheniya. If it is written that the movement should be smooth — this is important. If the recommendations are given on how to breathe, pay attention to them. Do not forget about those "little things" and then uprazheniya and the rest will be most effective.


Sit up straight, relax. Prikoroyte eyes in a way: the middle of your right palm should be in front of the right eye, the same with the left hand. The palms should lie smoothly, no need to force them to face the press. Fingers can prekreschivatsya on the forehead, may be near — as you prefer. The main thing that was not "slits", light-transmitting. When you have made sure that, lower eyelids. The result is that your eyes are closed and, moreover, covered with palms of hands. Now lower your elbows on the table. The main thing is that the neck and spine were almost in a straight line. Check that your body was tense: both hands, back, and neck should be relaxed. Breathing should be quiet.

Now try to remember anything gives you pleasure: as you relax on the sea, as you all Happy birthday, a starry sky. You can do this exercise to music. Consciously relax your eyes is very difficult (remember that you, too, my heart can not control). So do not try to control their condition — it will only hurt the target class, instead think of a betteranything pleasant. Uprazhenie you can do at work, arranging themselves short breaks. Even for10-15 seconds, your eyes will have time to relax a bit. But, of course, would be better if you select to relax at least a few minutes. After exercise (especially if you were doing it for a long time) gradually rediscover his hands, closed eyes give a little to get used to the light, and only then open them.

Palming should be carried out regularly in small portions. Enough for ten seconds to relax your eyes, covering them with his hands, and you will feel a surge of strength, even in the midst of a busy day. Proper exercise ensures perfect relaxation of the eye muscles. If you manage to achieve this status and to see a completely dark space, then your success is bound to affect the quality of vision. Thus it is possible to expect stable and lasting therapeutic effect. Along with the increasing acuity you mark the disappearance of pain in the eyes, headaches, migraines and other pain syndromes associated with stress. The greater the relaxation reached during the exercise, the longer the beneficial effects of exercise. If palming is made very well, it brings only short-term results. Do not despair if you can not immediately get the desired effect. In the end, however slight relaxation of the eye muscles is equivalent to the first step on the path to full relaxation. So the second step will bring you much less hassle.

Letter nose

This exercise is intended both to relax the muscles of your eye, and in that, to relax your neck. The tension in this area interferes with the power of eyes (in other words, worse blood supply). Uprazhenie can be performed lying down and standing up, but the best sitting position. Relax. Close your eyes. Imagine that the tip of the nose — it's handle, which can be written (or imagine that line the nose continues long Pointer-pen, — It all depends on how you prefer, as long as you and your eyes are not strained.) Now write (or draw) in the air of his pen. What it does not matter. Write different letters, the names of cities and countries, the small letter a loved one. Draw a house with smoke from the chimney (such as a drawing as a child), a circle or a square. If you want to relax your eyes a little, sitting on the job, you can imagine that writing is not a handle, and the tip of the needle on the head of a pin.

Then colleagues will not ask you, what are you doing, because of the movement of your head will be almost invisible. Employees will think that you are just sitting with closed eyes to relax a bit. What will happen at all far from the truth. Likewise, you can relax your eyes when you come back home from work on public transport.

Through his fingers

Relaxation of the eye can be achieved due to the fact that you look not concentrating onsomething one thing. To remove the eye strain so you are invited to this exercise. It can be performed while sitting, lying down, standing up. Bend your elbows so that the palms were slightly below eye level. Open the fingers. Make smooth turns his head right-left, while looking through his fingers into the distance, and not to them. Let the eyes wander, without stopping, tosomething one thing.

If you do it right, hands will "float" by you, you must feel that they are moving. Do alternately three turns with his eyes open and three closed (even with closed eyes should be on anything not "linger" look). Make exercise 20-30 time, breathe freely while, do not strain.

If you can not achieve the effect of movement, try this: pull the index finger — it should "look" up, and your nose should touch it. Close your eyes and turn your head left-right so that the nose, passing by a finger touch it. Without ceasing to turn his head, open your eyes (do not focus their attention on the finger, look into the distance). You certainly will see that the finger "moves."

Morning set

For those who are hard to open your eyes in the morning, this complex will be a real salvation. And if you're in for some times of the day can make palming (at lunch time — longer, every 1-2 hours at least10-15 seconds), and "write" anything nose (at lunchtime and on the way to work), you will feel that over time, your eyes are no longer tired as before. You can do some exercise and at night.

Especially if, before going to bed, watching TV, sitting at a computer or reading. So back again to the morning rise. A good stretch and rolled several times from side to side. Do not hold your breath at the same time. On the contrary, breathe deeply and calmly. A few times wide open eyes and mouth. Firmly zazhmurtes (6 times), do 12 light blinks. Make exercise a "letter nose." Make exercise eyebrow (see description below). Make finger turns. Do palming. Palming should take about 5 minutes. Compete same time must account for the rest of the complex (6 previous exercises).

Exercise for eyebrows

In the morning many of us would like to say how Gogol Vey: "Lift me for ever." Exercise for the eyebrows will not only help your eyes to get rid of the pressure of this severity, but also help to look younger. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible, with the sure the sensation that will appear at the top of the ears. Your task —
to eventually reproduce the sensation without raising eyebrows. Of course, to do this exercise right not everyone can. It is possible that for the first time raised eyebrows, you will not catch any special feelings. Take time to listen to yourself and you will succeed.

The main complex

This complex yoga recommends to maintain vision in good condition. According to yoga themselves, if you do it daily, morning and evening, from his youth, it is possible to maintain good eyesight into old age and do not use glasses. Before performing complex sit in a comfortable position (well, if you can sit on your heels on a gymnastic mat, but you can sit on a chair.) Straighten your spine. Try to relax your muscles (including the muscles of the face), other than those that support a sitting posture. Look straight ahead into the distance, if there is a window — look there — if not, look at the wall. Try to focus on the eyes, but without undue stress.

1 exercise

Deep, slow breathing (preferably the stomach), look at the bridge of the nose, hold your eyes in this position for several seconds. Slowly exhale, return the eye to its original position and close for a few seconds. Over time, gradually (not earlier than 2-3 weeks) delay in the upper position can be increased (six months to a few minutes).

Exercise 2

Deep breathing, look at the tip of the nose. Make a delay of a few seconds, exhale, return the eye to its original position. Close your eyes for a few seconds.

Exercise 3

As you inhale, slowly turn your eyes to the right ("the way", but without a strong stress). Hitting, on the exhale eyes return to the starting position. In the same manner, turn left eye. To get started, follow one cycle, then the two (through two or three weeks) and eventually makes three cycles. After the exercise, close your eyes for a few seconds.

4 exercise

On the inhale look in the upper right corner (about 45 'from the vertical) and, without stopping, return the eye to its original position. At the next inhalation see the lower left corner and outlet eyes return to its original position. To get started, follow one cycle, then the two (through two or three weeks) and eventually makes three cycles. After the exercise, close your eyes for a few seconds. Repeat uprazheniya, starting from the top left corner.

5 Exercise

Inhaling, lower his eyes and then slowly rotate them clockwise, stopping at the highest point (in12 hours). Hitting, start exhaling and continue turning clockwise eye down (up to 6 hours). Enough to start a round, you can gradually increase their number to three rounds (through two or three weeks). It should not linger after the first round, immediately start the second. After the exercise close your eyes for a few seconds. Then do this exercise, turning his eyes counterclockwise.

At the end of the complex to do palming (3-5 minutes). We note that for best results, you need to monitor their health in general. According to experts, a good vision largely depends on proper nutrition, including the availability of sufficient quantities of vitamins. Remember that the most useful — natural (not man-made and not canned) food which is subject to the minimum heat treatment. That it retains the most nutrients.

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