Exercises to develop the perception of multidimensional space

October 20, 2011 12:06

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Initially, it is important for you to understand what actually is at stake. Not be so easy to give it a shot, but you can give a feel for what it is, what are the ways to realize the open before you.
The world around us is a multi-dimensional structure and the perception of many people can distinguish in the space more than three dimensions. Mages are working with a multidimensional space, are able to move in it and consciously interact with the surrounding objects. This allows them to achieve a truly incredible, from the point of view of ordinary people, the results of which are respectfully referred to as a simpleton "magic." All students will learn the art of perception of multidimensional space, and then move them into a zone of conventional (domestic) perception of the world.

Thus secured their skills and create favorable conditions for their use, which, in turn, ensures the continuous development of the aforesaid skills. You honestly do suggested exercises, and then begin to apply their skills (sense of dimensionality) in any situation that will happen to you, trying to see them in a higher-dimensional version.

The next step usually is to develop a vision and some undoubtedly will feel what it is after exercise. Will be felt but not much more. Develop a true vision is not easy, it requires many components, however, obtained in this impressive ability of its grandeur — from diagnosis of disease to clairvoyant prediction of events. Pupils are able to develop a true vision, as well as other interesting and useful qualities and skills of Magic.
So, you are used to estimate the objects in three dimensions or parameters — length, width and height, so no one will have trouble with the idea of three-dimensional space. The coordinate system of the space — the three mutually perpendicular axes, the three edges of the cube that meet at one point.
The fourth dimension — time. Present four-dimensional space is much more complicated. The fourth axis of the coordinate system is perpendicular to the other three — your mind immediately refuses to create a picture in your imagination. Imagine that you inflate the balloon with your every breath becomes more and more. The ball remains in the three-dimensional space, but it varies in size. This is his change could be reallocated from the known three dimensions, but this tactic leads to a distortion of reality. Ball changes over time, with your every breath, getting some size and shape — the object is reborn in time
If you replace the image of a ball in a three-dimensional coordinate system, a certain amount, which varies from the smaller to the larger, ie moving in a three-dimensional coordinate system will compromise that satisfies your mind. In fact, the ball moves in time and this movement can be distorted to present the motion in three-dimensional coordinate system. Four-dimensional space can be represented as a collection of all sizes in our three-dimensional world coordinate system. For now it is enough.
The Fifth Dimension — is a probability axis, reflecting the possible course of the process. In the example with the ball, you can inflate the ball on, but to what is likely you will stop doing it. The ball is altered.
The sixth dimension — is the mass of the object. Imagine that inflating his balloon can also significantly change the composition of locating within the air, thus changing its mass (in fact, the mass of the ball varies naturally and without it, the growth of its volume).
The seventh dimension — an electrical charge. Imagine a similar way.
Other measurements it is difficult to describe. In any modern language, not suitable for the words, though the ancient languages, such as necromantic language was provided with the relevant terms.
Imagine now the whole process described at once — this will be a model of multidimensional space in the ordinary consciousness. But this is just a picture, it does not carry anything practically useful, but only gives the necessary training for future understanding of the multidimensional space

Exercise number one is important to remember your feelings as you enter the state of perception of multidimensional space. The following describes a simple method of entry into this state of perception. Exercise good memory, and only then do it from memory.

1. Prepare a clean surface as possible and uniform, even, for example, remove any foreign objects table. Take an empty match box and place it on a table.

2. Sit. Take a comfortable position and relax, watching put on the table a matchbox. Concentrate on it and remember it — do not look for anything around you, only it.

3. Take the box from the table, or warp it in his hands (so that it is slightly modified form) and put it back. Again, concentrate and remember it well look. Feel that your present condition is associated with a form box — it has changed slightly changed your status. If you hear what that strange sound in the street or have felt something tactile — mentally "tie" is the state of a box just as well.

4. Repeat step 3 two more times, remembering all the good and "binding."

5. Now, when in front of you lies crumpled box start play back in your mind its previous state — that it has a regular shape, and on the street while it was still heard as the car drove … reproduced accurately and form a box, and then your state (as it was slightly different), and what you have heard and felt around.

6. When doing so you get to the original status box (which is in your mind will be superimposed on its present form), if done correctly, you will feel the state is hard to describe in words. This is the human condition, he found himself in an unfamiliar place. This state of "suspended" and detachment. You briefly see (or feel) all states of each of the objects around the same time — when they were new, and then faded from time, change form, and finally, perhaps you will see that they will be in the future. Do the same exercise with a fine church candle, meditate on it and memorize it decreased and how it dripped wax, forming a bizarre track (remember and tie!).

Do exercise to achieve the same status. Bear in mind this condition — it is useful to you soon. Usually after several attempts to reach a stable condition for all subsequent executions exercise.

Exercise number 2

Goals and objectives as in the previous exercise, but here you go a little further. Exercise good memory, and then run to the attention is not distracted with anything else.

1. Take a warm bath. Lie down on a flat surface on the back. Relax, breathe evenly. Close your eyes.

2. Achieve monochrome background before the inner eye (the background of the internal screen is usually dark gray). Imagine this background light point. It is almost in the middle of the forehead, a little closer to the eyebrows.

You provide a point is actually a straight line segment, when viewed from the end. Feel that this line segment.

3. Turn this line segment on the internal screen so that it was visible from the side, as a segment, and not as a point (rotate it around the axis of your body).

But the segment that you see now is actually a square, you're looking at the side (it is seen in this case as a segment). Feel that it is square.

4. Turn the box so that it was visible all the (rotating it about an axis perpendicular to the axis of your body). Here is a square.

But the square you will see now is actually one of the faces of a cube, you're looking at the side (it is visible in this case as a square). Feel that this cube.

5. Rotate the cube face that you just saw so that it becomes visible to all.

This cube is a three-dimensional projection of a multi-dimensional figure. Feel it.

6. Cube that you see the whole rotate again and here you see a multi-dimensional space with a number of dimensions 4.

7. Repeat the procedure if possible 3 more times.

8. Sharp eyes open. You will be shocked to the core that you see around you.

At first, if you did not work, temporarily exclude the item 7. Then the output will be a state similar to that which you have already experienced after exercise number 1.


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