Expedient to give a call to the Russian army? Interview

Last week of the State Duma came the news that MPs have recently would be willing to discuss the issue of conscription into the Russian army ladies aged 18 to 27 years. Such information could not fail to provoke discussion. So as not to lead the reader into a state of stupor, you must immediately declare that MPs are planning to do conscripts in the army for women volunteer. Do you want to — go, if you want — do not go. One of the possible options which discusses the sidelines in the Duma, looks like a mass mailing of subpoenas from the district military offices all virgins who are at least 18 years of age under the age of 27 years. It is planned that, after receiving a summons, the woman herself will be able to decide whether to respond to it or simply ignore it.

Advisable to call women in the Russian army?  Interview

The deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party, Vladimir Komoedov, who heads the defense committee says that the service I will give a modern army perfectly practiced by some countries of the world, and this is contrary to the very fact that lady fully conscious can do puzzles to protect the borders of the Fatherland.

On one hand, under such words have a rational soil. After all, in Russia a lot of women who show enthusiasm for the military profession and themselves want to get up in the military operation. With all this such girls often have the ability to start learning ghost in modern military universities, especially after a certain, speak out so that optimization procedures. And if the ladies' sex for military service there is a certain enthusiasm, why would the government really does not wish to provide such an opportunity. Especially since you can take into account the fact that modern girls more positively staring into military service, if the young people. If we evaluate the statistics that began to emerge in the near future, about a quarter of all women under 18 years of age, have expressed a desire to serve in the ranks of the Russian army. Naturally, 10-12 per cent of this number, you can screen out already for certain mental aspects, as is often the discussion about military service for young girls — it's obvious bravado and desire to look and feel or a different guy, but others could fully realize his wish. As they say, if lady wishes, she can not refuse … The deputies apparently that question, too, decided to attend.
But there is this coin a downside. This side is expressed immediately in several dilemmas that can not fail to mention. The fact that women in the military, as the saying goes, there are now (about 50 thousand), most of which are involved in staff positions (financiers, secretaries, clerks), a huge number of women — military doctors. All this is fine, but once the question arises: Is the Russian army to get additional troops who will serve in similar positions, or still need the army combat-ready units … Of course, it would be much better to lure soldiers ladies floor specifically for specific services related not the filling of certificate invoices and other documents, and the reality of military affairs, unless, of course, the ladies will show themselves to that desire.

But it is unlikely now the Ministry of Defence has to offer to give the right conditions specifically for the true life, speak out so that the service "with meat" in which they will implement, and combat, and new systems of communication techniques to learn, and participate in the exercises. Unfortunately, one thing to read that a lady wishes to serve as means to go to her in such a desire to meet him, and quite another — to form a suitable basis for this kind of service. One may refer to the fact that the ladies are doing fine imposed on their military duties in the army of Israel (in the border, infantry and artillery troops, even), but in Israel in this regard has solid traditions. Ladies in this country are military servicemen and this state of affairs was formed not on a whim, and judgments of real need, because Israel almost from the moment of its existence is under the ongoing struggle for a place under the sun. And in such a situation and the military tradition for both sexes formed a much more natural ways, if ordinary expression of proposals from MPs.

Of course, you could just be happy for those ladies who would be able to realize his dream and go through conscription into the ranks of the Russian army. But to start, in this case all the same is not to send subpoenas to the ladies, and on the preparation of the criteria for this kind of service (unless, of course, such conditions really planned to enter). And then it may happen that the deputies will accept a law that military conscription will make proposals to the ladies go through military service, and those on the proposal will take, but the mass and respond … Then, the commanders of the military units will crush the head: where do they send the girls?

But there are also other prepyadstviya: the availability of a sufficient number of uniforms to accommodate women in the barracks. Well, you see, is not in the same bed with them as male soldiers to sleep … But this will last only too happy … But as an option for the popularization of compulsory military service — very personal … But joking apart, it is really only one hitch, so speak out , women dislocation can be a huge issue if, of course, members do not plan to "allocate" one-two ladies of military age and status in the military unit …

Well, with the subpoenas themselves somehow versatile. Here, perhaps, I will agree with the views of Lev Ponomarev, which states that only one mass mailing "invitations" to the service for women aged 18 to 27 years can result in a lot of money. Not enough that many young people are often male agenda, to say the least, ignored, and if they will be ignored by the same 75-80% of women "prizyvnits" that look a bit ill-considered waste.

In such a case, if lawmakers really going to see the issue of the recruitment of women into military service, based on their desire, you can go the other way: work with educational institutions in which girls are taught. Management of schools, institutions, NGOs and the ACT, universities could provide military commissariat lists of pupils and students who are willing to consciously go through military service. This approach will result in significant savings of money and create options for personal work with each of the so wished. In addition, it is possible and within the military enlistment offices organize special reception where woman could apply for a desire to pass conscription.

But all of these actions should be carried out only when she army and its management will be willing to, to ensure that female soldiers a full set of criteria for high-quality military service. Here is a case where flog a fever for positive statements simply unacceptable, and we, unfortunately, are often specifically check mark in the appropriate column solves almost all …

Let's hope that the initiative will give a call to volunteer for military service will be fully open a discussion, and in addition will be conducted detailed studies aimed at trying to figure out: Is really a significant percentage of women willing to give some time for the "deferral" and make real in including combat and puzzles. As unpleasant as the case itself initiative could be reincarnated in another populism.

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