Experts: new sanctions — a serious warning to pro-government businessman

The foreign ministers of the EU countries at a meeting in Luxembourg increased the range of sanctions against Belarus. They froze the assets of three companies, which are associated with Alexander Lukashenko. This is the company's "Beltechexport" engaged in arms trafficking, "BT Telecommunications" — the general sponsor of the Presidential Sports Club son, Alexander Lukashenko, Dmitry and marketing firm "Sport-Pari", which is also associated with Dmitry Lukashenko.

Today's decision was taken in order to strengthen the financial pressure on the Belarusian authorities to force them to stop the repression against the opposition. It was also decided to add a "black list" to the 188-mi Belarusian officials banned from leaving a few businessmen. Thus, European sanctions for the first time will affect the business sector.

And, as he said, "Freedom", Doctor of Economics, Professor Boris Zheliba, it is a serious signal to other businesses:

"It can be politically assess the move as another warning. So far, the list includes those firms. Tomorrow may be sanctions on companies involved in the export of our oil. And it will be the most painful measure. So politically today's decision can be viewed as a warning. "

Politically, today's decision can be viewed as a warning.

Of the firms that came under current sanctions, Ph.D. Leonid Zlotnikov especially emphasizes the arms dealers of "Beltechexport." He says that there are a lot of money, but all the processes are secret raid:

"As for the weapons, then only when the calculations for it are in euros, they can pass through European banks. Then they can block or do something else. However, it as the saying goes, not fatal. After all, the calculations may go in RMB or in national currency. And then some ways translated into other currencies. "

Leonid Zlotnikov says that the freezing of assets did not significantly affect the economy of Belarus. But it will affect some of the elite and individuals close to the head of the country. Agrees with this andBoris Zheliba:

"It will affect the interests of the ruling elites, who are engaged this matter. This is — a closed deal, and cash flows, which are distributed there is also closed. And so it can be considered, in my opinion, a surgical strike. "



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