Experts predict re earthquake in the East Sayan Mountains

Experts predict re earthquake in the East Sayan MountainsAn earthquake measuring about four points could occur before the end of March in the Eastern Sayan Mountains in the Krasnoyarsk region, told reporters on Friday the head of the regional center of seismological monitoring Nicholas Pilimonkin.
5.5 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in the Krasnoyarsk region occurred on Thursday at 8.35 MSK. Its magnitude was 5.3 points, the force pushes the epicenter reached seven points. In Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul Propulsion was 2-3 points, Minusinsk — 3-4, in Kansk, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk — three points.
"In the next two months in the Eastern Sayan possible seismic activity. Force aftershocks could reach four points. This earthquake can be felt by residents of areas bordering the Eastern Sayan. In Krasnoyarsk an earthquake will not cause any effect," — said Pilimonkin.
He said that during Thursday, with the force of the earthquake aftershocks in the midst of the seven points in Krasnoyarsk experts recorded 15 more aftershocks. Since they were a force of one to three points, the population did not feel them.
Krasnoyarsk opinions about possible earthquakes divided. One of the respondents RIA Novosti citizens believe that people must be aware of the upcoming shocks, and "it would be very good if the appropriate services and provide notice warned the population."
Another part of the respondents reported that it is necessary to raise a panic among the population and to escalate the situation, "There Kamchatka in the day a hundred times and no one shakes do not pay much attention. Warn required only if the expected strong aftershocks."

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