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When carried away with fast food?

Fast food has become an integral part of the modern world. Many people can not imagine life without a hamburger or hot dog. Where does it come from the most fast food? And is it true that fast food is so bad for health?

More recently, the age of fast food was considered the XX century. That's when fast food industry emerged and evolved many times. But, judging by everything, XXI century threatens to set new records.

Crazy pace of life leaves no room modern man eat slowly, with pleasure. So, to lay the starched napkin into his collar and gladly enjoy the first, second and third. Instead thorough meal has to be content with food whipped up in a range of business-lunch in the nearest eatery to an instant noodle in a bag. However, the past is not worth idealized. Fast nutrition existed in ancient times.

Hamburgers ancient Romans

Already in ancient times fast food was very popular. If in ancient Greece still prefer to cook in his household, the Romans often refused to do the cooking, some houses do not even have kitchens. But in every city there were many eateries and bazaars, where they sold all sorts of dishes.

Very popular bread made with yeast dough, smeared with olive oil, they were very convenient to use as an edible plate. Many centuries later, the cake, covered with baked cheese, sausages and vegetables, became known as the Italian pizza. There were the Romans and their burgers. They toasted tortillas with beef, which was supposed to have with the bread. Professor Philip Fernandez-Armesto in his book "History of food," says that the average ancient Roman eating more fast food than, say, a modern New Yorker. The difference is that the fast food of the ancient Romans were more fresh and useful than modern hot dogs and hamburgers.

Respected fast food in other countries. In China, long before the appearance of "instant noodles" in the markets traded in a hot instant noodles have been popular in India chapati flatbread with spicy sauce and rice with chicken curry sauce. In Europe, too, is very respected all kinds of bread, and in some countries (such as Russia) did not disdain and pies.

MacDonald against the "White Castle"

Fast-food industry as emerged in the 1920s in America. Until that time, Americans prefer to cook their own meals at home, but with the rapid industrial growth and development of the automobile industry in the country they no longer enough time to cook. And then there were the first restaurants that sell junk food.

The pioneer in this field was the company "White Castle" ("White Castle"), which opened in 1921 in Kansas. A specialty of the "White Castle" had burgers, which at that time was a novelty for Americans. Potential buyers pleased and stable price for a meal in spite of the Great Depression, World War II and inflation to the company in 1946 sold its burgers for five cents.

When some visitors began to think about whether this is not harmful food web host Billy Ingram came up with a cunning move. He has hired a number of young people who, for a small daily fee to come in "White Castle" in white robes and ordered hamburgers there. Visitors take them for doctors and calmed down. Just eat hamburgers even doctors, so they are really safe for health.

In the late 1940s near the "White Castle" began to appear competitors. The most serious of these was a young company, "McDonald's."

It all started very modestly: two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald's, were trading in a small barbecue restaurant for California motorists, decided to switch to the production of hamburgers. In 1948, they succeeded, and the revenues have increased dramatically. In 1954, they met with a salesman Ray Kroc which offered to open across the country establishments under the same brand. The brothers agreed, and the case went. In 1956, the U.S. had 14 restaurants, "McDonald's", in 1960 — 228, in 1968 — 1000 and in 1975 — 3076, in 1980 — 6263, in 1984 — 8300, in 1990 — 11,800. Now the corporation "McDonald's" more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries of the world, while the "White Castle" only about 380 restaurants in the United States.

However, in recent years, the mighty "McDonald's" began to experience problems. After the fighters of a healthy diet, calling to boycott fast food sales in the U.S. and other developed countries began to decline, some restaurants even had to close.

It is best to have "McDonald's" things in Russia, where everyone year open dozens of new restaurants, in each of which users are three times more than in the European countries.

Ronald McDonald vs. Roma Blinkova

In Russia during the Soviet era with fast food was tight. Were stinking ČEBUREČNYE were sweltering ravioli with vodka, kids could go only to the wretched ice cream parlor. So it is no wonder, then, that when January 31, 1990 in Moscow, opened the first "McDonald's", there lined up a huge queue of starving Soviet citizens.

Only the first day of the overseas hamburgers and Coke taste more than 30,000 people. The love of the American fast-fado since then only grew stronger, "McDonald's" is still in the lead with a huge margin in the Russian market of fast food.

In the mid-1990s, the Moscow government was trying to compete with the Americans, running a network of national fast-food "Russian Bistro", but the idea failed miserably. But lately looking for quick feed hungry people has more than enough, "Rostiks", "Christmas Tree-Sticks", "teaspoon", "Pizza Hut", "Little-potato" … the list is endless. In St. Petersburg, there is even a fast food chain with the heartbreaking title "BlinDonalt'c", it is believed that children there entertains Russian clown Roma Blinkov. That alone is worth it at all to go to such places?

What the doctor did not prescribe

Alas, all the doctors and nutritionists are unanimous — fast food is of two kinds: very harmful and hurtful. Eat them regularly does not.

The main problem is that most of these very high-calorie foods contain a lot of fat and few vitamins. In particular this applies to hamburgers.

Manufacturers of fast food has long sought to ensure that their products were pokaloriynee. For visitors it seemed profitable — just eaten a hamburger inexpensive and already full. If you make more healthy and wholesome meals, food will inevitably become less rapid, and the price of food will increase.

Nevertheless, under public pressure, even the most stubborn of fast food manufacturers were forced to take a step towards "healthy eating". For example, "McDonald's" was introduced in the menu salads, juices and mineral water, and made a clown Ronald McDonald more athletic and fit. However, there were no incidents. Doctors found that the salads from the "McDonald's" more harmful than their burgers. For example, in "Caesar" salad contains 18.4 grams of fat, and the standard cheeseburger just 11.5 grams. Apparently, put in a salad too fat and high-calorie dressing.

So all fans of fries, Big Macs and other shawarma to remember three simple rules, Nutritionists suggest that:

  • Do not eat fast food more than once a week. And it is desirable to make it even more rare.
  • The most dangerous health fatty and high food (fries, burgers, sweet soda).
  • If the day you eat fast food, evening, be sure to eat normally. It is not necessary to go to a fast food restaurant on an empty stomach.

Thin and thick

American documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock decided to experimentally test how American fast food is bad for your health. Within three months he was fed twice a day in the "McDonald's", and always took double portions that are
so generously offered his employees. Towards the end he scored 12 pounds overweight, badly spoiled liver and earned a decrease in sexual desire and high cholesterol in the blood. About his ordeal, he made a documentary film "Super Size Me" which became a huge hit American Rental.

After seeing this picture, a resident of North Carolina Mirab Morgan decided to conduct the experiment. She, too, was fed only in the "McDonald's", and did so for several months, but three. In the experiment, the lady … she lost 15 pounds. The secret is that she saw to it that the food does not consume more than 1,400 calories a day.

Nutritionists reserved things about this success, noting that the potato fries and cheeseburgers still lacks essential for the human body of vitamins and minerals.

Michael Alexis

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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