Fatigue on the face

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Healthy people do not look tired. If the fatigue on the face, then the whole body is in shape. Lack of sleep, the computer monitor radiation, tobacco smoke, sedentary lifestyle — all the problems here. It happens to everyone, so that in the morning at work colleagues greeted sympathetically, "What, do not get enough sleep?". Mirror also raises a lot of questions: a person really, gray or light it is? Circles under the eyes live their lives? Only in the morning plastered … All or only one I think that at night I can not sleep, and drink the bitter?

Nothing has at least three solutions. The first thing you will find in your refrigerator, the second — in the beauty department of pharmacy or in a store, and, finally, the third — in the beauty salon.

Gray and dull complexion

Without leaving your home The first law of well-being and healthy complexion — a morning cup of green tea on an empty stomach, or at the very least, water with lemon. This will improve the digestion and metabolism, and ultimately complexion.

Look into the jar The earthy shade — a sign that all the processes in the skin cells slowed. Give them help accelerate molecular oxygen, which today are packed in jars of cream.

Hands of a professionalAerobatics — oxygen mask in the cabin or oxygen cocktail in the fitness center. They will give better results than 3-4 hours of active outdoor exercise.

Sallow complexion

The normal content of oxygen in the atmosphere of 21%, and in large cities it may decline to 17-18%. The skin is constantly citizens suffering from oxygen starvation.

Without leaving your home. Tanning effect gives mask of coffee grounds or slurry henna. Thick mass needed to take on the face and neck 10 minutes, and then enjoy a light brownish skin.

Look into the jar. Against free radicals that destroy healthy cells, saving antioxidants. If the cream contains vitamins A, C and E, carotene and selenium, grape seed extract and green tea — the face is easy to get back to its natural color.

The hands of a professional. Hammering have cabin air masks with niacin (nicotinic acid). This substance is so powerfully stimulates the blood circulation, which after any chlorosis becomes a beauty — blood and milk.

Dark circles under the eyes

The most delicate skin under the eyes. Therefore, we see the dark circles — venous blood that accumulates in the tone of the vessels lost

Without leaving your home.Bruises remove difficult and not always possible, but in cases not started saving the contrast compresses. Pieces of ice from the decoction or ordinary tea should apply to the eyes, alternating with a cotton pad soaked in warm broth.

Look into the jar. Yeast complexes, plantain extract, hyaluronic acid have properties to improve blood circulation in the capillaries, improve skin elasticity and clean puffiness.

The hands of a professional. Return the tone and venous blood may accelerate the hardware procedure with micro-current and ultrasound. Thanks to them, the blood runs, and vitamins and amino acids of the pre-mask rush deep into the epidermis.

Faded and peeling lips

Without leaving your home. Unfailing remedy — a soft-bristled brush massage with honey and carrot juice, or with butter and salt.

Look into the jar. More carefully peels are special for the lips as chapstick, but with the solid particles. Exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell renewal soft fruit acids (malic, citric, glycolic, lactic).

The hands of a professional. Lips are well-maintained long after the professional mask with panthenol, wild rose oil and extracts of wheat grains. This complex protects the skin from irritation of the lips, drying and flaking.

Dry and lifeless skin

Comment specialist (Dolgireva Olga cosmetologist, Dermato-cosmetology clinic "Medestetik"):

Make sure that all the cosmetics that you use to contain as little as possible corrosive and toxic components, chemical emulsifiers, mineral oils and preservatives. Tired skin, they are contraindicated.

Without leaving your home. As usual mask of honey and oatmeal add camomile tea, yarrow, carrot juice, egg yolk, and even mashed potatoes. It will strengthen its nourishing and toning effect.

Look into the jar. Seaweed — a cure for the "starvation" of the skin. They have not only all the trace minerals in the world, but also essential for dry facial fat, linoleic and linolenic acid.

The hands of a professional. More than an emergency measure — Salon massage on a creamy base, which consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids — linoleic (omega 3) and linoleic (omega 6). They will restore the cellular structure and water balance of the skin.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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