FEMEN shot the Lukashenka with a slingshot

Ukrainian women's movement FEMEN held a rally in Kiev in support of victims of "Bloody Sunday" in Belarus. By FEMEN, the action was timed to coincide with the climax of judicial killings of members of the peaceful protests that took place in Minsk on December 19, 2010.

FEMEN activists shot of his long-legged "slingshot" portraits of Lukashenko. They called on the international community to "save the Belarusian people overthrow by force illegitimate Belarusian autocrat. "

"Despite the? Tremendous force of will, Belarusian activists unable to resist the local butcher from the KGB. Blackmail, torture and prison — that's henchmen methods Lukashenko. Lukashenko — Belarus is not a problem, it is a problem of the democratic world, "- said the leader of the movement FEMEN Anna Hutsol.

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