Figure suffering postpartum

Figure suffering postpartum.

It is difficult to find a woman who would have been completely happy with my figure. There are many, there is little … If only there to lift, clean it, and stuck out over there, it would be just super, as well — all bad. It is an opportunity to sit on the different diets, exercise izmozhdat themselves, to stuff themselves Badami dubious origin and sigh with envy looking at the chiseled figure top models and celebrities in magazines and on television.

And to find a woman whose own figure Like after childbirth— The task of the series "Mission Impossible." And the oil in the fire again, pour different caliber celebrities flaunting all the same luxurious forms even after delivery. Well what is the mind hold?

Give me me!

The British magazine "Mother and Child" (Mother and Child) conducted a study of two thousand young British mothers who have unanimously declared that celebrities just did suppress their own impeccable "postpartum" figures, with the same parameters to the "star" returned almost in some days after childbirth. But many young mothers have complained that they can not return to their pre-natal border even 22 months after childbirth.

86% of women said they considered themselves more attractive to the birth, than after, and 82% said they were not happy to have such a figure who "get" them after delivery, and three-quarters were shocked by it. The list of complaints against themselves look like this:

  • flabby stomach — 83% of respondents and
  • striae ("stretching") of various locations — 62%
  • "Drooping" chest — 51%
  • flabby legs — 31%
  • Cellulite — 30%
  • flabby arms — 23%
  • flabby buttocks — 20%
  • swollen ankles — 7%

The average weight of British young nulliparous mothers was around 70 pounds, and before giving birth (again, on average), he was about 65. Well, the ideal young mother, from the point of view of the same respondents should not weigh more than 59 kilograms. All this hurts her that two-thirds of newly day and night, and they believe that if they could improve the figure, it would be extremely happy.

They are even willing to go under the surgeon's scalpel to achieve their goal — most would agree on liposuction, tummy tuck, and, oddly enough, breast augmentation. By the way, 80% of respondents believe that mother-celebrity in this way, and got their chic postpartum figure. Among those to whom the British young mothers would be similar (in terms of figures, of course) by a wide margin in the lead Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham.

On the question of "mouth-watering mummies"

Problems of British women reflect a general trend — few women in other countries, believes that the birth went to their benefit. Meanwhile, doctors believe that during the nine months after labor can be eliminated almost all of the visible effects of pregnancy. You just need to give yourself a little more time and less attention paid to the stereotypes imposed by the glossy magazines.

Thus, according to Helen Dalrymple, mother 16 month daughters and editor who carried out the study, do not be like "appetizing mummy" — so she called superstroynyh "star" mothers.

Russian folk art on this issue expressed thus: "Skinny Cow is not a gazelle." In other words, do not immediately after birth to strive to get into their school jeans. The task of a young mother — to breastfeed the child, since it is the mother's milk is the most balanced nutrition for the newborn.

Attempts to immediately stop lactation ostensibly in order to retain the shape of the breast, often the opposite effect. Dramatically increases the risk of stagnation mastitis, and the child, who from the first days of life "transplanted" to artificial feeding is not always a good thing it digests in the literal and figurative sense. All this does not add the joys of mother and complicates the already difficult lives of young parents.

The same applies to other aspects of life, including diet and fluid intake. Of course, there are also postpartum hormonal disorders, which may result, and a sharp weight gain and many other problems, but this condition is quite rare and really requires the intervention of doctors.

Most interesting is that 94% of men believe thatafter childbirth their companions were as attractive as they were before the birth. So should you, dear women, izmozhdat themselves in vain diets and other brutal methods hoping to fit in a "star" options. Love you just the way you are — and above all for what you wife and mother. Too transitory and changeable concept — "a perfect figure." In pursuit of the elusive happiness can be lost happiness now, and is it worth?

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