Figures — key for conspiracies.

October 25, 2011 3:56

Another article about the conspiracy. Many do not believe in the power of conspiracies. But if we follow because of their effect on people for centuries, we can see that conspiracies really are. The most important thing to know how to read conspiracies. Hereditary magicians know this, but the real wizards — feel how to read conspiracies.

Some plots are read in a whisper, while others, in full voice, and there are those who simply shouted out in places where people do not go casual. All that you need to know before you start reading of a conspiracy. Of course, zagovornye words have such power that they will act in any way. That's only if you read the plot as required by the ritual, you will get much faster results solutions to your problem.

But there is a rule that zagovornye words should not hear anybody. Therefore, when working on the patient healers, they are reading the plot so that the patient could hear a whisper, but he could not make out the words. In this case, the healers use numbers, keys, which enhance the effect of plotting. These keys help those plots, which at this pronunciation will proceed slowly, begin to act more quickly.

If you do not know the keys, and do not know how to read the plot, you can be sure that the result will be all the same. That's just the result will have to wait a little longer if you do not guess right.

Those who are constantly in conspiracies, often met with the phenomenon of the use of numbers in the texts, it would seem, has no connection with the meaning of the plot. But not everyone knows that these same numbers are used to enhance the strength of the conspiracy. The main thing is to know what the numbers on what actions can have a reinforcing effect.
If you read the plot on welfare, a speedy recovery and good luck in business, it can occur in conspiracies key 777, it will be read by seven hundred seventy-seven.
If you want your plot worked longer than he can act in its usual form, the 981 — this is the number that will help you with this.
It happens that it is necessary that the result of the ritual appeared in the very near future. This can also be achieved with such a key — 1111.
For very complex ritual, or if you feel that your strength, you may not be enough, call themselves the additional forces to help with the key 9999.
Powerful energy has tons key 1000: it enhances the energy vibration of readable text. But casting a spell with a special need, the text is read as quickly as possible and at the same pronounced exclusively through gritted teeth.
There are opposite cases. You may have to read a powerful plot, and for the treatment of such excess capacity could be harmful. In this case, in order to try to reduce the effect of the conspiracy, say the key is 0001, it should be read — three one zero.
There are keys that replace the phrase, "So be it" — 253, "and I call my sound" — 536, in the utterance of these keys, each digit is pronounced separately and between them must take a breath and exhale. For example, 2 — inhale and exhale — 5 — respiration — 3.


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