First recorded as a whale speaks in human language

October 24, 2012 20:16

American scientists have found a whale that can mimic human speech and make sounds for a few octaves below its range. Unusual white whale lives in coastal waters of California.

Scientists note that cetaceans long been taught to imitate the voice of man, but it is the first case in which the mammal exhibits the ability to mimic on their own.

 Gabby beluga found one of the divers, who, while under water, he heard the order to immediately ascend. When the man came to the surface and asked who called him, he was very surprised — none of people who were there did not give such a command.

Diver colleagues suggested that it made one of the inhabitants of the basin. After some observation, they found that was making unusual sounds young beluga whale named Nok.
According to the theory of specialists, she got that ability, "listening in" divers during testing underwater communication, which was held in the local area. Produce sounds that can be heard in the video below, really in tempo and rhythm are different from those which usually publish cetaceans.

As the researchers say, is now a theory that white whales are able to learn and play certain sounds can be considered proven. However, the joy of biologists will not be long — as reported in their report, after growing individuals lose the ability to produce such human speech sounds.

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