Fish with human teeth in the Ural Mountains Lake

July 26, 2012 12:45

Three years ago, the public was able to view the video on the Internet, which is removed fish caught possessing human teeth.

According to the analysis, it is the inhabitant of the Amazon. At this stage of the puzzle does not end there. The fact is that scientists do not know which way representative piranevyh family was in the Chelyabinsk region. After 3 years of one of the fishermen again came across a similar underwater animal. This incident happened in the city bites. Fish caught has characterized eyed face, and powerful jaws.

Alexander, who is the author finds, recalls that the catch was one of the worst in his life. As expected, the man attempted to remove the animal from the hook. However, it has taken all attempts to harm its owner. Subsequently fisherman swollen finger. Moreover, after the sting of limbs bled. According to Alexander, the wound was sick for about two hours.

Fright hero episode threw the fish to the side, and after half an hour again decided to look at the victim. A resident of the Urals was impressed by what he saw. He did not initially drew attention to the fact that this species has human teeth. Because one has only to imagine the reaction of an eyewitness. The man was a matter of thinking that made fun of him, but return catch back into the lake did not. Experienced fisherman said that this type is not in the Urals, because video showed his friends. Some advanced version that is piranha. But that's how it got into the pond, completely incomprehensible.
Soon, one of his friends remembered that some time ago a similar incident took place in Ukraine. Then piranha lived in the Dnieper River, many local residents were frightened by what they saw. After this incident people were afraid to go for a long time in the water. At this time, the author finds more in thinking about the future of fish. At the same time, the number of people near the shores of Lake Kusy has increased significantly. They are trying to perform a feat of his compatriot, namely to catch a piranha. Rather, one is no longer concerned about how this type appeared in the Urals.

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