Fished as our ancestors? Vintage signs and superstitions

May 10, 2012 21:20

Avid fishermen — known to the people superstitious. So happened a long time. For example, they do not like to be on the way to the bank counter wished good fishing, are wary to give the wrong hands your equipment, refrain from counting until the end of the catch fishing.

On the other hand, is always happy to meet a cripple ahead of desired classes, fondly kissed first small fish, carefully removing the hook, then release back "for dad — for my mother — his grandfather — a grandmother." Many beliefs have survived from ancient times.

So, in my native Karelia before fishing on the bottom of a glass poured a little hot drink and then splash into the water. Simple ritual called "pour Santa", that is to appease the spirit of water, to secure his favor. And what other "rules" kept anglers in the past?


It was believed that the more successful will be the net, the thread for which spryala pregnant woman, and not at any time, and the full moon. Multiple threads wove ahead of time, March 30, the day of worship Alexis — a man of God, who is said to have crossed the sea in a sieve, and it has since become the patron saint of fishermen.

Selecting material for the rod, usually preferred hazel, but still not any, everyone, and that is growing directly in the nest, or at least near it. Made tackles supposed smoke candle, which upheld the morning service before Easter. Fumigation wishes accompanied by the words: "How many people in the church, so many would be in my trap fish. All my words are strong but modeling. My words — the mouth, the teeth — the castle, the language — the key, that the sea (river) is thrown. "


If you are going on a fishing trip, required thorough refresh — is believed to have fed fisherman biting better. Always desirable to equip the same clothes. And it was thought that all the preparations necessary to do only the right hand. It was supposed to provide support for a guardian angel.

Performance is considered as a good omen before fishing any chore around the house (not surprising, it was tuned to the patience in waiting of the catch). In addition, before the show should definitely valor performed marital debt.

This is also explained in symbolic terms, because in the past the male sex organ called "beats" that is today the word "rod", "rod", "fish" are cognate with it (by the way, and "luck" too.) So the phrase "dashing good fellow" had at one time, among other things, the erotic sense.

Before sending supposed to say, "I'll go to the river quickly, water smart. It has a fish-trepetushki, fast rezvushki. And I'll be down in the seine as silk scarf, and this nevodok yes yes to every leash gets to fish. "


Located on the site of fishing should dial nettle, squeeze out the juice and rub their hands. According to legend, after that you can catch fish with his bare hands. By the way, I remember from my childhood, my father and his friends just bare hands extracted from shallow burbot. That's just about the nettles can not say anything.

The next step was to treat the water with a slice of the available food for itself and a little drinking. Refreshments accompanied by the words: "Grandpa water, here's fairing, take podmogni yes." And in some places were thrown into the water from the bast Portyanko 'on you, man, sandals, driving the fish. " Old Believers in general was taken to throw tobacco with swear words.

Nazhivlyaya hook needed saying: "The fish is fresh, bait greasy Cluny poderni yes, pull the bottom." The magic word for good luck in fishing was a lot. Some — shorter, "the Lord beseech you, good luck in catching adds. The little fish, swim, big fish, grab a treat! So be it! "

Others — the true "perch, pike, all sorts of fish, go to my servant of God (name) against the fast water, spring river. Do not look back and do not turn aside. Come to me, to a servant of God (name), at dawn and in the evening, the day of the sun and into the night under the stars, and a whole circle of God. Those words key and lock, the name of the Lord in the Holy Spirit. So be it. Amen. "

Pelting network, called "Go, fish and small rybitsa in my mater seine badwords widely." Throwing bait, ordered: "Go into the water, worm, lure a big fish on the hook." First fish, just like today, sent back into the pond, saying, "Send her father, mother gone, gone aunt, uncle went. Send your senior. "

All the cherished words, of course, spoken in a whisper, talk, when fishing is strictly forbidden.

After fishing

Our ancestors believed that the true fisherman must behave with dignity: in any case, not to boast catch, no way, and not to tell anyone what he caught and how caught. Otherwise, luck can turn away forever and move on to the listener speeches bouncer. Besides, boasters censured in public opinion.

Home the first of fishes caught was to eat the one who caught it, and in any case could not give it to the cat. A first general Vologodians zaostrozhennuyu fish buried in the ground — for future success.

Yes, superstitious people — fishermen. And it looks like it has always been …

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