Five ways to distinguish fantasy from Past Lives

January 15, 2012 15:54

The most common question I hear when working with past lives is not "who I was in a past life," or "if I really was a Mayan priestess in the fifteenth century." No, the most common question is "How can I tell if I saw a past life or nafantaziroval? '. This question usually disappears after the first session of regression, although there are more troubles.

I can think of several ways vskidku distinguish fantasy from a past life.

At the level of sensation

The first method is the simplest. Alternately, start to dream and remember really happened to you things. First, imagine how the pink dragon fly over the beautiful planet with two suns and the asteroid belt to meet the Ninja Turtles to save Cthulhu an epileptic Bears. Look at the sensations in the body. Now think of something bright from childhood: the first time I saw the sea, or how to distinguish between the school and parents proud of you. Look at your feelings. Now switch back to the fantasy and then again at the memory. After three or four attempts, you can definitely say at the level of feelings that is a memory, and that fantasy.

Change it

The second way — the continuation of the first. Any fantasy is easily changed in the process, while trying to replace the internal memory will arise discomfort. Let's go back to the previous example. Let's imagine that the dragon is not pink, and in general it is not a dragon, and increased in size Pokemon, and you do not fly, and swim underwater treasure of the Third Reich. Easy to get? Now think of a situation where you have something naughty, but parents do not punish you, and praise. Or that instead of candy for his birthday in the fifth grade, you were given the keys to the Lada. How does it feel?

'll Take

The third way — is the integration of the experience after seeing a past life. You are unlikely to learn how to manage Pokemon, but if in a past life you were a piano player or a manager, these skills will be felt as their own, but seemed a little forgotten. As if not to go for ten years on conventional skis, and is now trying to get up the mountain. The feeling of the series: and like and can do, and like rusty, but like, and a little different. Not surprisingly, because the body and circumstances in the lives of others. But the feeling that "this is my experience anywhere" does not get recollection.


The fourth way, and no way to even, and a sign is shown after a session a couple of weeks at most. If you go to a traumatic event that you are concerned and now, after treatment, you'll notice that in this life you are concerned less, or even bother at all has passed. It can be as some mental healing, for example was a panic of flying or fear of high water, and quite physical when unseasoned years to heal birth trauma.

One of the women researchers past lives doing sessions of group regressions for 10-12 people. People immersed in a trance a past life, or even talking to them, but simply asked to pay attention to a particular embodiment, and after the session to record impressions. Of course, this approach was not at all, but somewhere eighty percent were able to see something. It did not explore the healing effect, and all the more interesting was when the participants of the experiment after a few weeks started to come, saying that they were certain chronic diseases (not just the body), which they have long disturbed.

It is difficult to imagine a similar effect on the ride to the doctor Pokemon. By the way, with regards to the case that I described a few posts ago, a man many years later began an own-built relationships with his mother, although he is nothing but a trip to the RV did not. Now he is in a state of mild shock, because We went to watch his career, and his mother was there simply because they were.

For a dreamer

I had a client who lives in a typical lot and easily fantasize. After the session, she had some doubts, but then she saw an interesting point about the fact that fantasies are often dissolved in memory and do not remember many details. A travel experience in the pancreas, as well as any memory remains with you completely, holistic picture, in detail

In total

If you want, you could also write about two or three signs, and if you think they are important — write about them in the comments.

Separately, more can be said about the category of people who come to the session completely shocked, but eventually "forget" about the experience, since more and more considered it his imagination. It is quite normal for the human mind, and all practitioners technique, where the change of consciousness in one way or another are faced with this. This can, or just to keep in mind and do not pay attention, or is there a special technique of mindfulness in yoga helps to remember and relive the experience again.

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