Flight tests of experimental aircraft X-48C

Flight tests of experimental aircraft X-48C
April 9 experimental unmanned Boeing X-48C completed the 30th and last flight within the 8-month programs from flight tests for the study and the upcoming test of the aerodynamic features of the concept of schema «blended wing» (Blended Wing Body — BWB).

All 30 missions were conducted by NASA’s Dryden Research Center. Typically, the X-48C flight carried 30-minute flight, reached the speed of 140 miles per hour and an altitude of about 10,000 feet. Flight tests of the X-48C was launched August 7, 2012.

«Working very splotchenno with NASA research flight testing the X-48, we believe that we have made a significant breakthrough in the science of flight, and it is a great success for the» Boeing «, said Bob Liebeck (Bob Liebeck), Senior Fellow and manager of programs from BWB «Boeing».

«We have shown that the aircraft scheme BWB, which offers great promise significantly greater fuel efficiency and low noise level can also be controlled perfectly, like ordinary aircraft during take-off, landing and other low-speed flight regimes,» said Liebeck.

X-48C, designed subdivision research and technology «Boeing», built by Cranfield Aerospace Ltd., Flight tested in collaboration with NASA and the Research Laboratory, U.S. Air Force, is a scale model of the languid subsonic aircraft tailless triangular scheme, which perfectly merges with the wing fuselage. Company «Boeing» believes that the concept can be applied over the next 15-20 years in the military developments, such as tanker and transport aircraft.

X-48C is a modified version of the machine X-48B, which NASA Dryden center performed 92 flight in 2007-10 years. On the X-48C has two turbojet engine thrust 89 pounds, instead of 3 engines pull 50 pounds on model B. In addition, the model with the wings were moved closer to the engine and tail section extended by 2 feet.

«With the end of flight testing the X-48C, we have gained our goals in establishing the takeoff characteristics and confirmation of low-speed maneuverability in concept mode during all flight tests,» said Fay Collier (Fay Collier), director of programs from «Environmentally Responsible Aviation» (Environmentally Responsible Aviation — ERA). «Very quiet and efficient concept has shown promise for the gratification tasks NASA environmental protection required in future aircraft designs.»

Technology demonstration research projects funded by the X-48 research aircraft Directorate (Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate) NASA and «Boeing». Work is carried out in accordance with the applets ERA NASA, which is focused on reducing the use of fuel, pollution and noise of the aircraft of the future.

«Boeing» and NASA will continue to further develop the technology BWB, and plan to do in the future trans-BWB demonstrator on a larger scale.

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