Flying ball of light seen in Estonia

January 5, 2012 3:01

Flying ball of light seen in Estonia Reuters / Scanpix

Tuesday night at 20.18 in Southern Finland saw a glowing ball of considerable size — he was flying through the sky for more than ten seconds. According to the society of astronomers Ursa, body on fire over the Narva.
Delfi page in Facebook, as well as the comments on the article in the form of letters began to come to us evidence of readers who claim that they have seen on Tuesday night in the sky, an unidentified glowing object.

Readers reported seeing a luminous object in Järvakandi, Saue Kaberla and in many places in Tallinn. Anu reader wrote that she wondered if it were a big star falls: "The only difference was that the fiery tail got bigger, and suddenly went out, though the body burned."

Another reader Delfi reported that last night even saw two shooting stars. Possible meteor fell at intervals of two minutes, and the second burned strange green.

Commentator Ann wrote that it was not a meteorite, a car, or a meteor the size of the average. According to him, it was obvious Kaberla 5-6 seconds.

Some readers have suggested that fall to the ground could be so-called space junk.

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