For that aliens love Bashkiria?




For many years, enthusiasts, ufologists study anomalous phenomena in the country. And just for the "KP", they agreed to "declassify" its archives.

Rejoice, dear readers: it turns out, the aliens many years watching the residents of Bashkiria! At least, such a conclusion can be made by examining the dossier Sterlitamakskaya research group "Torch". "Plates" saw the policemen, teachers, farmers and other good citizens, which gives hope that it's not fake.

For many years ufologists feared publicity — fearing that they deem charlatans. Finally, the time came when the researchers decided — it's time to tell people that "they" exist …

The last time the UFO "spotted" Sterlitamak at the end of August. Above the forest plantations were seen shimmering multicolored balls that are moving along straight paths. Balls suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappeared.

However, ufologists of the research group "Torch" Sterlitamak strange balls are not surprising: they are watching them as much since 1990. However, to film the balls so far failed.

And last fall on the field under Sterlitamak were found strange "eight." It turned out that at this point the grass was much higher (up to 93 cm) and had a yellow hue. Long mysterious "eight" was 23 meters, diameter of one circle of 14.3 m and 16.7 m of another level of radiation both in the circles and nearby, remained normal.

But from the very beginning haywire all photo and video ufologists, and a digital camera just broke down as soon as they tried to take pictures of this unusual phenomenon.

Inspirer "Torch" — Matthew Solomatins. 23-year-old earns a living as an electronics engineer, and devotes his spare time the cause of all life — ufology. All the money earned Matthew pulls on the expedition. Most of all Matthew is afraid that it shall be counted a charlatan. Therefore hypotheses than aliens so attracted Sterlitamak, and in general — whether it's aliens, it does not advance.

In the archives of "Torch", there are three case reports of contacts with the inhabitants of the residents Sterlitimak "plateaus." One of them even tells of a meeting in 1990 Yuveliny girls with aliens in silver suits who flew to her window.

This story came to the Russian encyclopedia of ufology. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" hopes to find more increased Yuvelinu and ask her for more details. Follow our publications.

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Albert ZHDANOV December 4, 2004

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