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The guy from the Argentine town of Matias remembers all his past lives, he knows a lot about the origins of the universe, our planet, our solar system, and about ourselves. He claims that when he shared Akashic that collects and stores all the information. Mathias decided to share with us their knowledge.

My name is Gustavo Matias De Stefano.

I was born in August 1987 in Venado Tuerto, Argentina.

I am one of the many new babies born since 1987 in order to bring in a new anchor and understanding, I am one of those children, adolescents and adults, commonly referred to as rare, school dropouts, social flaws or "Indigo".

And for my work, before the changes I decided to make this space on the Internet where I can express who I am, who we are, what we do, and a little bit about what I came to do, how it has affected my life is work in order to help those who are on the way to awaken his? potential, and I do. Because my job is to develop the soul, which is not balanced, even on Earth, my "guidance", and I decided that, as I'm on the ground, should be linked with education, so I decided to study psychology.

Nevertheless, he began his studies at the National University de Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Arg, in 2007, could not be realized because of my status, indigo, I could not adapt to the system, and I found it unbearable as archaic education new and future generations. Today I spent energy on work, training and helping each person can deal with the new era, the organization of your physical, emotional and etheric working with your body's energy.

In this space, I hope to translate everything I imagined a child, in order to show that the Indigo vibration, and many others, which are the world, more and more present in the community. I invite you to visit my memories, and remember their own, so that you can know that we are working on this life that we have decided to be born.

My Life

My childhood took place in an environment in which no one was to do with the fact that they represent their lives. My family fell Catholic or non-believer, he had to somehow deal with the problems or reality … For the first seven years of life, I can look ethereal beings, almost all children and adults called »Imaginary Friends«. These friends were elemental beings, fairies, gnomes, and angelic beings who have helped me to understand the reality in which I was.

While on my 12 years, I share my day with these creatures, who taught me to treat others as the man to control his emotions, socialization, and all that has been difficult to conduct.

From this date, these creatures have disappeared, announcing it would begin a new period in which they remember all that he had done before, and I have to write or draw anything with the tools that have been teaching me not to suffer what was to come . So in that same year, a week later, the vision began, memories and terrible headaches that will not stop until I was 17 or 18 years. During this period, my friends have always supported me, but when we had to move to Spain to finish school.

These pains brought millions of emotions and memories of the life, history, ideas and moments free Gigantis … all that has led many to believe that he was suffering from a mental illness such as schizophrenia.

During all these years, I always had the unconditional support of my mother, who did not understand, accept everything, and felt that something was going on all this. These were difficult years, when strangers began to appear and give evidence about what happened to me. It was so my ideas began to organize in the form of lectures and energy therapy, finding people who understood and wanted to hear what I had to say in my mind.

At the time, my guides told me that he should go back to Argentina to begin their studies in the field of psychology and pedagogy, they said, where it would find a way to communicate, what to do, and that teaching is learning how to help others . So I went to Rio Cuarto, explore this career, which ended a year later, when times were accelerated.

Following the path of education, began to see the people who worked in my organization gives meaning to all that he knew that gives meaning Psycho-pedagogical memories I have over 6 years …

At this time, my job will be to help you understand, learn and detention of persons for the general processes of the universe, galaxies and the Earth, and we, as humanity.

And that's what I did not in the here and now, "Psychologist existence", helping those who need to understand the ideas in general, preparing for another time to come, and to understand why it

For thousands of years we have been misled. Thank you for what you have discovered it …

Matias G. Matthew G. De Stefano

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