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What to do when sick in a foreign country?

Why go abroad? The reasons for the mass, but the main — the desire and need to have a good rest to work productively. And then, and another is best done in a vigorous, healthy condition. But it happens that the disease is caught off guard. What to do in a foreign country, when any health problems?

Insurance prevention

Even if you are absolutely sure that the trip with you and nothing will happen to insure their health would be superfluous. The company's budget, organize a business trip, and especially your own holiday budget is usually not designed to force majeure such a plan. And even if some amount deferred in case of emergency, it is likely that it will not be enough.

For those who forget to insure your health or considered it unnecessary, there is a very useful visa "trap" — the majority of countries taking tourists (including virtually all of Europe), does not give the right to enter without mandatory health insurance. So to make it still have. Another question — in what amount.

Standard insurance will provide you with about 30,000 euros in case abroad will have to resort to using health facilities. But it should be borne in mind that such insurance is generally designed for heavy and unexpected situations (eg, accidents, serious heart problems). A visit to the doctor, medications, and procedures necessary for the insurance will not pay. Thus if happened to you something really unpleasant and require serious medical care, the standard insurance amount may not be enough: the treatment abroad (particularly in Europe) is very expensive.

Therefore, processing insurance before traveling abroad, be sure to have discussed, what illness and unforeseen situations will extend its action. If possible, provide a maximum amount of belay that when a bad set of circumstances to have recourse to a normal clinic and not worry about where to get the money for expensive treatment.

If you went out with a friend in a way …

If you are traveling on business, take care of a good insurance to your company, but before his departure to a foreign country certainly ask about the extent of their protection abroad. If the type of insurance you do not want — do not risk, request to extend insurance claims or the sum insured.

If you have to leave, it is important to choose a competent tour operator. Pay attention to those companies that exist in the market for a long time, ideally — have an excellent reputation. These agencies are likely to take care of their customers in any situation.

Together with visa you will in most cases offer health insurance. Together with an agent pick up the most appropriate to your needs and realities of the region option. Be sure to write down the coordinates of the representative of the travel agencies in the country to which you are traveling — he will help you if something happens.

How is it treated?

First, to find the right health insurance, you should understand the situation with medical care in the country to which you are going. Despite the uniform standards of medicine, because of certain features of the mentality you can have a completely different help.

In the case where the state's economy is focused on tourism, and social services in the country is poorly developed in such a place can not be a good elementary clinics with qualified staff. Clarify this point in the tour operator, and better to ask the people who have already visited that country, as far as this state of development of medicine.

Even if you go to a modern developed nation, for example, have gathered to travel to Europe, surprises may be out there. For example, in Sweden, most doctors declared "natural" medicine and the rejection of "crude" measures. Therefore, it is likely that, if you come to the hospital with a heart condition, you will be offered to lie down on couches and wait for the doctor. Last fit in three hours, will advise Vitamins and drink some water, being absolutely sure that it is a universal method for the treatment of any disease. On such occasions as valuable to coordinate the tour operator which in any country will advise you to a good clinic with standard treatment, with no "local" features.

Distant danger

The second thing to figure out in order to insure their health before the trip — it is a list of common diseases in the country you are visiting. In Europe and North America, this list is largely similar to ours, so it is hardly something you can unpleasantly surprised and puzzled. But if the destination — exotic country unusual for a resident temperate climate, ask your travel agent or a knowledgeable friend than this distant country sick. It is unlikely that dysentery and malaria will be a welcome addition to the stay. So be careful with vaccinations. And just in case Find out what are the main symptoms of the exotic disease with which you have a chance encounter. Also write down the names of medications that may be needed if you happen to such a calamity. All these measures are much easier to take home when you are calm and healthy than being in an unusual and frightening situation in a foreign country.

Terrain orientation

Anything can happen. A careless motorist, bad weather, poor-quality mussels in a restaurant — one way or another, but your health was failing, what to do?

First of all — do not worry. Many people panic when are incapacitated in a foreign country, especially if you do not know the language. No problem with that — explain what you need medical assistance, and can be broken by a mixture of the languages that you know, or, at least, in sign language.

As in the case of serious and require immediate medical attention disorders, and in the common cold and poison immediately should contact the medical room of your hotel. Practically every hotel has a doctor who can give you first aid. If, due to differences in languages you are a doctor can not understand each other, call your tour guide or interpreter — its job is to provide you and your doctor normal understanding, and if the situation is serious — tell your travel agent about the problem.

If you only need recommendations on the treatment of the day, diet and some medications, doctor the hotel will give you all free. Insurance connected in this case does not make sense. Besides, as mentioned, standard insurance usually not designed for such unpleasant but also ordinary cases. If the state does not allow you to give yourself the very medicines and food, the hotel staff will take care of.

However, if there was something serious, a doctor at the hotel do not succeed. There are two options — either you are conscious or not. If you are able to report the illness to others, ask someone to contact your insurance agent and tour operator representative (their coordinates you had to take another home), and to report what happened to you, and which hospital you were taken. The clinic give the number of your insurance and discuss the cost of treatment. If it is greater than the sum insured, think about where to get additional resources. Sometimes in the contract states exactly what the clinic will make treatment in the event of a serious illness. In such a situation, bureaucratic problems will be much less.

If you are unconscious, People nearby will take you to the nearest clinic. In order to avoid delays, always carry a travel document, the hotel address and insurance — this will allow doctors immediately begin providing assistance without wasting time figuring out your personality and ability to pay.

Remember — in most developed countries of the world there is no free medicine. Therefore, if your insurance not cover the treatment, and there is no place to take the money, treat you just will not. In the extreme case, if there is a threat to life, will help, but check anyway discharged. Pay
for the treatment still have, even after arriving home. Do not count on the sympathy of doctors and your serious condition — minimal care is often not enough, but to help you get better out of sympathy doctors will not, therefore, necessarily need to be confident in their ability to pay.

Medications for hedging

It may be a situation: sickness or some chronic diseases do not give you peace of mind, the hotel doctor is not, and disturb the travel agent did not want for nothing. In such a case would be useful medications taken with him from home. But be sensible — some substances do not you just give take abroad. Therefore, if you are taking a specific medication, check in advance if he is not included in the list of prohibited for import into the country of destination. Take a complete medical kit also does not make sense — take the most necessary. No one knows your body better than you, so be aware of its weaknesses and to insure.

If you know exactly what drug you need for your condition, but it is you do not have to visit a pharmacy or ask satellites or neighbors to do it for you. Chances are that a certain medication called you in a foreign country in a different way. It will be ideal if you're still at home will learn the most popular foreign-language counterparts you drugs. But if the house such measures were not taken, you will help out a medical reference book in two languages. In extreme cases, even help ordinary Russian Medical Directory — Latin names in it next to the appropriate agents will tell the pharmacist is enough to give you the required medicine or its equivalent.

Nota bene

Even knowing all the details, in a stressful situation can be elementary confused and do not know how to behave. It's easy to understand — health was failing, and around strangers speak in an incomprehensible language, the standard medical aid schemes do not work … But do not panic, even in the worst case.

Even if, for some incredible reason you have not secured insurance, remember paid medicine — for proper financial compensation doctors will assist the citizen of any state. The language issue is easily solved with the help of an interpreter provided by the tour operator, or a friend who knows the language.

And if there is no money — stolen, lost, you just do not have that amount? Do not forget — you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, your rights and lives in another state must defend Russian embassy. Feel free to refer back to if your health is a clear danger threatens, and denied medical assistance. The Embassy is obliged to support you in a difficult situation. And although the cost is likely to later have to reimburse the terms of repayment can be quite forgiving.

If you become ill in a public place, and someone of your friends are not near, and you are seriously worried about their health, look — around the same people. Surely someone will notice that you are not good, and will offer help, — if not, ask yourself, you can even sign language. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid that you will not understand — in this case it is important to take early action, and there is no time for superstitions. What you are citizens of different states, does not mean that you can walk past a man who is clearly bad. And the people around you are well aware of this too.

If you suffer from a specific disease, such as diabetes or epilepsy, be sure to follow the same advice of a doctor that you performed in Russia. Best of all, if you always carry a note with directions to the measures to be taken if you become ill. It is desirable that the note was written in the language of the country to which you came. But you can make it, and in English — the language is suitable in most cases, when you have absolutely no idea how to convey the right information in the local language.

Some people travel abroad especially to cheer in high-quality hospitals, but most still no plans of health problems on vacation or business trip. Therefore, it is best to prepare for the trip, based on our recommendations. If the trip goes well — it's great. And if there was a nuisance — you will have strong rear that will quickly and with minimal losses to cope with the disease.

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