Foreign Ministry: Buzek became interested in self-promotion

"Strange" behavior described today as president of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh:

"Mr Buzek must it is known that since the days of ancient Greece, sport is beyond politics. Historical experience shows that a departure from this principle, which is tested for centuries, only creates problems. And, more often for the initiators of such decisions.

Because the sport is out of politics, the actions of Mr. Buzek directed against millions of hockey fans and the country as a whole. Adventurism of this approach is obvious. Buzek too carried away by the game of political samopiar and self-promotion. "

As already reported, "Freedom", the president of the European Parliament yesterday with a group of deputies appealed to the Chairman of the International Ice Hockey Federation not to call the World Cup in Minsk, Belarus until all are freed political prisoners. Such a precedent, by the way, in European sports history has been, when the final part of the European Football Championship has been moved from Yugoslavia, Denmark.

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