Formation of the person


Single definition of personality is not there: too many science and research interests of the individual schools, and each has its own definition. In the social sciences personality regarded as a special quality person acquired them in the socio-cultural environment in the process of collaboration and communication. In the humanistic concepts personality — This is a man as a value for which the development of the society.

Formation of the person

However, despite the abundance of approaches to the understanding of the individual, there are well-defined criteria formed personality.

A person can be considered as a person, if his motives there is a hierarchy. In other words, if he is able to overcome its immediate motivation for the sake of something else. It is assumed that the reasons for which overcome the immediate motivation, and social significance. This baby learning in the preschool years. A well-known experiment, known as the "effect of bitter candy." Preschool child receives from the experimenter's an impossible task: to get, without getting up from a chair, the thing that is at the other end of the room. The experimenter leaves, continuing to watch the baby in the next room. After unsuccessful attempts at child gets up, takes the right thing and returns to the place. The experimenter enters, praise him and offer a reward of candy. Child refuses it, and after repeated suggestions begins to cry softly. Candy was for him "bitter".

What does this experiment? The child was put in a situation of conflict of motives. One of his motive — to take interesting thing (direct motive), the other — to fulfill the condition of adult ("social" motive). In the absence of top adult took direct motive. However, with the second experimenter actualized motive, the value of which has increased undeserved reward. Failure and tears of a child — is evidence that the process of development of social norms and motives of subordination has begun, although not yet come to the end.

The second necessary criterion of personality — the ability to consciously manage their behavior. It is formed during adolescence, and is expressed in the desire to understand their motives and to manage them.

Personal growth

Personal growth — one of the dimensions of psychological well-being of the individual. Subjectively, he expressed a sense of ongoing development, self-realization and personal expansion. Personal growth is also seen in the increasing openness of man in relation to the external and internal world, the elements of the new experience. Personal growth is associated with an increasing sense of self-knowledge and self-improvement, increasing the effectiveness of themselves and their behavior. The process of personal growth is opposite states of boredom, apathy, depression, stagnation.

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