Found the remains of the worlds earliest alcoholics




A group of Chinese and American archaeologists conducted a chemical analysis of pottery shards — fragments of ancient pottery — and came to the conclusion that China's rural residents consumed alcoholic drinks even 7000 years before our era.

This beats the previous record of discovery — previously the most ancient evidence of brewing have been found in Iran and dated 5 thousand 400 years BC.

In the oldest Chinese texts period of Shang Dynasty (from 1200 to 1046 BC) mentions three types of alcoholic beverages.

Archaeologists have long suspected that the drinks have appeared much earlier, but did not have enough hard evidence.

Now, however, researchers have conducted carbon dating pottery shards (dating from 7000 — 6600 years BC) found during excavations of the Neolithic village.

The researchers compared the remains of fluids collected from ancient shards, with samples extracted from the sealed vessel period of Shang Dynasty.

The analysis showed that 13 of the 16 tested shards there are traces of the same material — "a drink made from rice, honey and fruit." Has also been found tartaric acid ester produced from grapes and hawthorn


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