France plans to buy UAV from U.S.

France plans to buy UAV from U.S.
France is considering buying U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) MQ-9 «Reaper» (Reaper) on condition that the upcoming set their own weapons.
The source said the Ministry of Defence of France, the respective request is focused Paris to Washington. In December last year in the United States on a working trip visited Managing Head Arms Control at the Ministry of Defence Laurent Collet-Biyon.

«While we only study the feasibility of such transaction,» — said a source in the Defense Ministry, noting that the response from the American authorities can not do a few months earlier — «the end of 2013 or even the beginning of 2014.» Feature negotiation is that Paris expects to purchase UAVs «Reaper» without weapons, and to equip them with the forthcoming in accordance with their requests.

In the current time in service of the French army stands UAV «Harfang» (Harfang), developed by the European aerospace and defense concern based Israeli unit «Heron» (Heron), the creation of which began in 1994. They proved themselves in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali, but now finds Paris more modern UAVs with more versatile features.

Back in late 2011, France and Britain launched a joint applets on the development of European drones — refers to the collaboration between «Dassault Aviation» (Dassault Aviation) and «BAE Systems» (BAE Systems). But in anticipation of the results of certain cost Paris to find ready-made solutions in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles have their own partners.

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