French outfit for the Russian special forces

Defense Ministry wants to buy abroad party fighting equipment

Deputy Minister of Defence, Chief of Armaments Vladimir Popovkin army threw another bombshell: our military establishment wants to buy in France for the special forces of the Head of Intelligence (GRU) of the "limited batch" of equipment a soldier of the future — FELIN. According to him, our specialists from the defense and the GRU examine its real properties and check. whether they correspond to those claimed by manufacturers.

"And as a result we will decide what we do with this outfit," — said the deputy minister. He also noted that the Ministry of Defense is important "not the amount of equipment purchased abroad, and technologies that should be in our territory." In other words, we must see through the French know-how and learn to do yourself. What after all is a miracle Yudo is — complex FELIN?

Its title comes from reduced Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons Integres. In other words, built-in equipment and communication infantryman. It contains a funds navigation, secure radio communications, a special shock-proof computer, which displays information about the enemy and the position of other fighter and units, helmet-mounted sight personal small tools, funds targeting, fitted to a single electrical system also funds protection (for more details — see the figure). Incidentally, the first set of tests FELIN held in France in 2000. Since then, the French were able to almost all the update (and it is not clear whether they will agree to implement our "nove"). At the moment they are preparing to field test just three sets — a soldier, squad and platoon commander. Apervy set this kind of "Land fighter» (Land Warrior) appeared in the Army in 2002, they are equipped soldiers serving in Iraq.

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