French train Russian

As passed February 3, ITAR-TASS, the experts at the company DCI (France), the training of personnel engaged in the appeal of new types of weapons, plan to start preparing Russian crew 2-landing helicopter dock ships (DVKD) "Mistral", which are being built for the Russian Federation in France.

Commitment to such training are fixed in the contract, which was signed in June 2011, the Russian Federation and the French shipbuilding company DCNS. According to the agreement of the Russian Federation should be given two DVKD "Mistral" is also provided with adequate services, including logistics and training. It said in an interview with Itar-Tass DCI A. Marechal.

DCI — partner DCNS. Because experts at DCI and prepare crews 'Mistral', which are being built at the moment in the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire. Education will be 350. The training course includes theoretical and practical, theory classes will be held in Russia, and practical — in France, in Saint-Nazaire. At this moment, is drawing up a training program for Russian sailors. Employees of DCI will teach them to seize control of the vessel systems. Marechal stressed that it naikrupneyshaya programm Cooperation between the Western countries and Russia — all of which were spent in the field.

"We are very pleased to partner with DCNS in favor of the Russian Navy, "- said the Admiral Francois Dupont, chief of the naval department DCI. — Once again we are proud to say that our applets and development are valued even in a country with a strong naval tradition. "

In Saint-Nazaire on Wednesday passed a sheet of metal-cutting ceremony, which marked the laying of the first helicopter of the type "Mistral". ITAR-TASS correspondent in the French shipbuilding company explained that further extend the work on elaboration of project details. "The project must comply with Russian demands. DCNS and partners will mobilize all its forces to execute program from — said the representative of the DCNS Pierre Legros. — This is the result of our zeal to establish large-scale cooperation in the industrial field. "

First ship type "Mistral" will put the Russian Navy in 2014, succeeding — in 2015 as part of the agreement the French give their RF technology for the construction of surface ships and combat information control system «Senit-9", which is equipped with the French landing craft. Then the technology will be used in the construction of 2-other DVDK "Mistral" — already at Russian shipyards.

Our home without the help of others will build the third and fourth DVKD "Mistral". One "Mistral", having a length of 210 meters in the housing and displacement of a thousand 21 tons, can carry up to sixteen heavy helicopters and complete transfer of up to 70 armored vehicles and 900 soldiers. In DCNS celebrate with all this, that a significant part of the control systems 'Mistral' automated, and because of this crew has the least 170 people.

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